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If You Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamin Pills…

I started my vitamin program Sunday, but my problem with swallowing large pills has made it impossible to continue, unless it is possible to crush the pills and add to either applesauce or juice.  Can you advise me on this.  Thank you.

A few people have trouble swallowing large tablets, but have less difficulty swallowing capsules of the same size.  The laboratory that produces my unique vitamin, Vital Primivia, can only put ½ the contents in a capsule that they can put into a tablet, and some people already think they are taking too many ‘pills’ as supplements.  So I have elected to go with tablets.  Because of the high calcium and magnesium content, they will be very difficult to crush.  You might try blending them in a high powered blender, such as a Blendtec or a VitaMix, along with fruit juices or sauces to disguise the flavor.  Because of the high B vitamin content, the taste will not be good.  But crushing the tablets will not change the potency or be a problem at all from a potency standpoint, so go ahead and try it.  If you and others are interested in making the capsule form available, recognizing that it will take more capsules to get the same potency, let me know and I will look seriously at the options.

5 thoughts on “If You Have Difficulty Swallowing Vitamin Pills…

  1. Everything that I have read, says that “tablets” are hard to break down and that caps are a better way to go. I actually have tried to put some tablets in water, to see how long it takes to disolve and it takes a lot of time to break them down, so I always use the caps and don’t mind taking more caps than one big honkin tablet, that could choke a horse. What are your thoughts on this?

  2. I have always choked on large vitamins but tried taking a bite of bread after each pill & that seems to work.

  3. I would suggest crushing them in with a mortar and pestel and puttin them in the vita mix or blender with you smoothie. That is what I do.

  4. I put 3 or so of my daily ‘chokers’ in a thick plastic bag x bang them with a hammer on the floor, then cover with water till they dissolve x mix into porridge.

  5. If you have the problem of swallowing pills such as myself, I definitely recommend you check out They carry vitamin sprays that make it easy to swallow. One great thing about their products are they are easy to carry! You should check it out.

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