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Healing an Inflamed Stomach (Gastritis)

I have just been treated with Amoxicillin, Flagy, and Prilosec for gastritis.  At the same time I took (as directed) 2 iron pills a day.  After suffering for 3 months I realized that the iron pills were continuing the gastritis and not allowing it to heal.  I quit the iron pills and now need to quit the 2x Prilosec.  How do I get off these meds and undo the damage from the high iron?  I blame all these for weird, scary  symptoms lately such as hair loss, skin peeling, purpura and assorted pains.  Thank you for any suggestions.

Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining. This often relaxes the muscle sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus to cause reflux of stomach acid contents into the esophagus, which is painful and harmful. I presume the Amoxicillin and Flagyl were given for either stomach ulcers or suspicion of H. pylori in the stomach.

Iron is an irritant to the stomach lining, and will perpetuate gastritis as you have correctly guessed.  For those who need iron, oral administration is the best way to do it.  In your case, let’s get the stomach healed before you try it again.

Prilosec stops the production of acid in the stomach, which theoretically decreases that irritant. But it also will not let food (especially meat proteins) be properly digested.  Meat proteins are also an irritant to the stomach lining. In fact, sometimes Prilosec is given when there is not enough acid to begin with, and taking it makes the problem worse.

Here are some tips soothe the stomach lining and facilitate healing:

  • 1. drink lots of water, at least 6 to 10 cups per day
  • 2. try aloe vera
  • 3. coat the esophagus and stomach with a soothing oil.  We use vitamin E oil in my practice, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon several times each day
  • 4. try mastic gum
  • 5. DGL (deglycyrrizinated licorice) wafers will coat the stomach lining and improve ulcer healing (you can get these at a health food store)
  • 6. try to identify foods (sometimes excessive carbs or meats) that trigger the gastritis and avoid them
  • 7. explore your emotional triggers and address them (what’s “eating” you?)

When you are able to let go of all the emotional and physical triggers, you will find that your body will partner with you in loving and repairing itself.  Please let me know how you are doing with your healing.

Dr. Stan

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  1. For oil, coconut oil works for almost everything. Take 3.5-4 T coconut oil a day for a couple of weeks to see how you feel. Make sure it’s a virgin coconut oil bottled in glass. I get mine from or Whole Foods or Wild Oats will
    also carry it.

    You might also want to try some fermented foods at every meal like sauerkraut, kombucha (which you can make at home– look on line for a recipe), pickles, full-fat plain kefir or yogurt (don’t get the sweetened or low fat or fat-free varieties). Also begin taking digestive enzymes and a good probiotic like Dr. Ohhira’s,

    I’m a holistic nutrition student and this is what I would recommend to my clients.

  2. Since mid April I have had terrible nausea. An endoscopy showed an inflamed stomach. The dr. prescribed a very low dose of Prilosec, which I’ve been taking for more than 2 weeks, with no improvement. I’d really appreciate some help. Thank you.

    1. Try fresh pineapple (has natural Bromelain & Papain – 2 powerful digestive emzymes) and some chewable Acidophilus with Bifidum (restores the microflora, and “good bacteria” in your stomach, as well as protects the intestinal tract.) chew both once or twice a day. Also chew some raw oatmeal for nausea, as it will coat your stomach, and naturally subdue acid. Also try a regimen of apple cider with ginger(2x per day) and see if this heals your stomach.

  3. Need advice for gastritis to heal

  4. 6 mo ago I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and hiatal hernya with endoscopy. The H. Piroly biopsy negative. I took Omprazole and Carafete for 3 moths with only partial relief. I stopped all alcohol and meat from the diet but still have nausea and pain.
    Do have any suggestions?

    1. Hi it’s been one year I got mild inflammation in Antrum, now today I had done endoscopy again and it multiple erosive gastritis , I m very much scare, because doctor prescribed me medicine and I regularly took it, now my condition become worse and he took biopsy also, so scared why it’s not improving and how should I get proper treatment.

  5. I am currently diagnosed with inflammed stomach and ibs.

    my inflammed stomach was due to a h-piloyri bacteria which was treated back years ago but never got healed.

    I tried DGL but get very nauseated after taking it.

    The only thing that’s help is carrot juice daily with digestive enzymes ..the doc gave me Prosilec but I did noticed that my food just sits in my tummy for hours not being digested.

    Please help.


    1. Hi Elaine, My mom has same symptoms as yours. How are you feeling now? Did you try anything else? Please advise.


  6. I have gastritis and hertia hernia. Diagnosed with endoscopy. My symptoms are gas and LOUD stomach growling. I didn’t know gastritis could be associated with loud stomach growls. I’ve had this for over 13 years. I’ve also been diagnosed with lactose and fructose intolerance, along with SIBO. I have a long road ahead of me because I don’t know which ailment is causing the stomach growling.

  7. I appreciate the home remedies listed above. I’ve been diagnosed with gastritis since April, and my doctor prescribed Dexilant, which did not help – it actually intensified pain, with bad side-effects. I am all for home remedies and healing this the natural way, however it is taking a while! I will now try the Vitamin E and DGL tablets, and will report back! Have done some reading that food sensitivities may cause gastritis.

  8. tried prilosec but couldn’t sleep. I cleaned everything in sight. would take it at 8:00 am but couldn’t sleep unil after 5:00 am next day.

  9. Since April I have had terrible nausea. Diagnosed in July with inflamed stomach. Prilosec did nothing for me. For several weeks have limited diet to Cream of Wheat and boiled potatoes. A little chicken noodle soup. Do I dare eat anything else?

  10. Since April I have had terrible nausea. Diagnosed in July with inflamed stomach. Prilosec did nothing for me. For several weeks have limited diet to Cream of Wheat and boiled potatoes. A little chicken noodle soup. Do I dare eat anything else?

  11. Since April I have had terrible nausea. Diagnosed in July with inflamed stomach. Prilosec did nothing for me. For several weeks have limited diet to Cream of Wheat and boiled potatoes. A little chicken noodle soup. Do I dare eat anything else?

  12. I have had an inflamed stomach on and off for quite a few years. I found that because of my age, I have low acid. The food does not digest causing gas, indigestion. When the food does not digest it turns into methane gas which irritates the stomach. Amneprozole, prisolec, and nexium given by doctors is anti acid and lowers your acid compounding the problem. I bought betaine hydrochloric acid and take it after meals. You can also buy Zypan from Standard process at a chiropractic office. Look up the phone for Standard process and see who sells it in your area.

  13. Fascinating to read the comments. Thanks to everyone. I agree that the OTC meds can be a problem, not a cure. I refuse to take any meds without a definitive diagnosis. (I’m a retired nurse practitioner.) Nausea is my main complaint. One thing that no one mentions, that I have, is no obvious gas. No burping. No farting. Where does the gas go? My stomach does growl. I do take pro-bio tics and attempt to eat a healthy diet. The most significant help has been acupuncture. It stops all of the G.I. symptoms. However, I must go every week. But hey, I’m now 74. Wish I had found acupuncture years ago.

  14. I have been diagnosed with gastritis, barretts esophagus disease, and GERD. I havebeen tossing around many medications and keep winding back up with nausea, belching, farting, extreme back pain in the center or the back, and occasionally a soar throat. Any ideas of what I can do to help my problems?

  15. I have had the Barretts for about 5 years now I forgot to mention that above

  16. 2 years ago i sought medical attention for pain,nausea,bloating in my stomach. after taking nexium for 2 months there still was no improvement. After that, i was given tests and i was diagnosed with ulcerative pan-colitis.(very mild case) i was then put on lialda; 2 pills a day and told to stop the nexium. after a month or so i still had no relief from my original symptoms.(by the way, never did i experience any of the typical symptoms relating to U.C.) The dr. then put me on omeprazole 20 mg/day. after 6 months i still had no relief. I then had a upper G.I. scope and the dr. found mild inflammation of my deuodum. he said he thought i had too much acid production in my stomach so he then upped my omeprezole to 40 mg/day. another 12 or so months passed and nothing. after 2 years of my first visit i was finally switched to rantidine 150 mg/ 2x a day. currently i am to the point where i cannot eat anything without having pain in my stomach. Can someone please help me. i truly am at my wits end.

    1. Hi, have you been tested for celiac disease? A blood test would help determine that. Additionally, you could be gluten sensitive instead, which doesn’t show up on bloodwork. Swelling of the duendom can occur from celiac and intestinal disorders.

      I was diagnosed with celiac five years ago, because I was having severe sharp pains, lots of gas, and bloating after eating. Turns out it was the gluten!

      I encourage you to get tested! But be sure to not give gluten up until you do – it will scew your results.

      1. I have been gluten free for three years due to a doctor saying I had just IBS and should try the Low fodmap diet (which eliminates gluten as well as many other things) my symptoms improved sort of but I’d have constant “flare ups” as well as my skin acting weird to. Doc says I now have allergic eczema. Our something of that nature. No allergy tests done though… But now how can I test for possible celiac if I have been without gluten so long? I’m not strict…I still use the same toaster and colander after my husband gluten food. But I wouldn’t if I was celiac. Finally after losing 8 lbs with this latest three month and going flare up I had an endoscopy where they found signs of chronic inflammation in my gut and intestines. My celiac blood work was negative after being off gluten for only a month (is that long enough for a difference?).

  17. I have just been told again that I have an inflamed stomach. Ten years ago I had the same diagnosis. Nothing (omeprezole) the Dr prescribed has ever helped. However ten years ago mine instantly cleared up after 2 years. Now I am trying to remember what all I had changed in my life at the time. I had another element back then that was a fungus. I used natural remedies and diet to rid myself of the fungus. I may have cured my gastritis at the same time I do not know. I got my information on how to rid myself of the fungus from a book written by Doug Kaufman. I cannot remember the name of it. I am back on the diet and supplements and I will report back in a few weeks if I get any better. I am miserable at the moment. 🙁

    1. Hi David, my son is 18 years old and has inflamed stomach since January this year. He has gone from 289 pounds to 222 pounds. He is in pain every time he eats. He has had an endoscope and was diagnosed with an inflamed stomach and he also had an xray to rule out Crohn’s disease and diverticulitis. It breaks my heart that he’s in so much pain every time he eats. We’re at a loss of what to do and so are the doctors. He has the fungus called Tinea versicolor since middle school. wait no he can I eat until after school because you get so sick. If you find out any thing that can help I would greatly appreciate you contacting me at I hope you find a cure is well. God bless you, Michelle

  18. I was recently diagnosed by my Dr. to having a gastris and a hiatus hernia. After reading all your comments here that some antacids causes constipation. I have alternative treatment that I’ve read in the internet for gastritis and it is named as Siberian pine nuts oil. Have anybody tried using it yet?If yes how was the result, is it effective? Thanks.

  19. For those asking for help, read the suggestions. Homemade yogurt and fermented veggies are a great help. Also keep a food diary to see what foods are bothering your stomach..Mine normally hurts the day after I eat something that I’m intolerant of.

    1. Stop all sodas

  20. Hi, I noticed the doctor mentioned mastic gum as a healing agent, but I have used mastic gum and it had disastrous consequences for me. I have atrophic gastritis and when I used mastic it ripped apart my stomach causing more inflammation and destroyed my parietal cells leaving me with pernicious anemia. Hence mastic gum is certainly not to be gambled with. It is not for everyone.

  21. severe vomiting and diarrhea from gastritis and inflamed stomach being treated now with pantecta (pantoprozole) 40mg still burning in stomach need help. on 10 days sick leave weak and in need of help.

  22. I am suffering with GERD,IBS.inflammed stomach and chronic laryngitis.I have been miserable but I have been taking bio products and keifer seems to work and gaviscon…I tried bioton but don’t like it at all causes my heart to race,I never thought I would be dealing with all this in a million years.I am only 37 and it has changed my life,I am learning to eat better foods but sometimes that doesn’t even work.I need help on what to do!! The dr’s aren’t much help and I have severe chest pains also.

    1. You should check out the book Dropping the Acid. It has helped me tremendously on the path to healing from my gastritis! I promise that you will feel much better, if not completely better if you adhere to the strict guidelines in that book. I also take Prilosec once a day, and usually have very few problems if I stick to the diet. I am looking forward to complete healing and being able to eat the foods I love again.

      I wish you success in finding remedies that work for you!

  23. Had endoscopy 2 wks ago; results inflammation of the stomach. Dr. wants me to continue Rx 20mg Prilosec 2xda ; was on for 6 wks–no results from symptoms. I Stopped Rx. I believe everything results from what we put into our mouths. Just don’t know now what is reasonable to try and eat, other than suggestion in the above summary fm Dr. Stan. Is Mastic Gum primarily for h.pylori? I now don’t have h.pylori (according to results of endo dr who did biopsy stomach and esophagus, or don’t have cancer-just inflammation) but have had 3 episodes prior – terrible reaction to Rx and timeline prescribed to take (10da vs 14da )- had to stop and started supplements to address h.pylori. I’m feeling unsecure about diet since I’ve been off all “white” stuff, all gluten (I’m cross-grain sensitive), sugar, soy, banana, peanuts and don’t do shell fish. For more than 2 years I’ve eaten mostly green veggies (kale, collards, mustards, dandilion greens, brussel sprouts, cabbage/Bubbles sauerkrut) scant carrots, beets, wild salmon, free-range chicken breasts and juice veggies with brown rice protein 1x wk. I do use organic almond milk and brown rice milk on occasion. Still, the inflammation.

    1. check out the Acid / Alkaline diet it cured me. good luck

  24. For those just looking for new ideas: this is the stuff I do.
    Loomis enzyme STM and IrB (through a naturopath/chiro ony)
    Young pHorever pHour salts (helps increase alkalinity in the digestive system and stops the burning after continued use. start very slowly as it will cause some belching and may also burn a bit in the beginning. I alway took DGL before and after. After a couple months it didn’t cause any problems and I was able to take 1/2 to 3/4 scoop. Im pretty small 120 lbs.

    Well I have been going through much the same. I finally stopped going the the allopathic (regular) doctor because he kept wanting to give me more drugs. (Dexilant, Prilosec, acifed, ranitidine etc). I finally in desperation called an old chiropractic contact who put me in touch with a naturopath who put me on the Loomis enzyme program. You can Google that. Within 24 hours I was off all prescription medications and could start eating again. I was so bad before that, that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, lost 15 ibs in 2 months. Bless my naturopath. She also did a 24 hour urinalysis that told us I had a hard time digesting carbs. So she put me on one to help heal the stomach, a digestive enzyme that helps me digest carbs, a fiber cleanse to help clean out all the toxins. I have been on this program for a year now and I am doing great…until this Christmas when I totally crammed my body full of crap, (candy, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, alcohol, grains, sugar and more sugar. Now I’ve got some pretty bad burning in my intestines…(gasritis/IBS symptoms) I came to the conclusion after another check by a different healer, that I couldn’t tolerate wheat, and all the sugar most likely flared up a huge candida infection. ( I have learned that one of the possible causes of IBS is bacteria in the small intestine,,,its not supposed to be there) So I am currently avoiding all grains and dairy and sugar of course, (which includes fruits for the next two weeks). Got hold of a detox and cleansing recipe book and picked up “Practical Paleo” which has been very informative. My next move is to pick up L-Glutamine and Quercitin both of which are supposed to help heal the stomach and intestinal lining. let you know how it goes! Also, stay away from the foods that give you problems. Mine are chocolate (sigh),,,coffee and hot sauce.

    1. Very informative……going to try what you have done…..
      pain pain go away!!!! Right eating come today!!!!

  25. So I just checked out the Doug Kauffman site that another post had mentioned. It is exactly what i was doing and dovetails into the paleo diet very nicely.

    Bottom line is we have to stop eating the modern, processed, harmful food that took us through the 60’s 70’s and beyond and get busy healing our bodies. Good luck everyone!\

  26. Well i been diagnosed with Gerds by endoscope since 2006. It was so bad i went from 130lbs to 115lbs. Dr put me on prevacid 30 Mg am and 30 Mg pm.during this time i was able to eat and gain and gained my weight back. Off meds 2009 . I stayed with a bland diet. I thought i was cured so i started eating what i should not eat in 2012 and now feb 2013 i am with Gerds again. Worser than in 2006. Dr put me back on prevacid same disagree. Symptoms now are mid upper back pain, growling stomach,pain in stomach, tickling in mid upper stomach that makes me cough. Dr put me on liquid carafate, to coat ulcers or damaged stomach while it heals. Nothing was i read about juicing cabbage. It has L-Glutamine which is a botonic acid that cures ulcers. But its so nasty. So i put cabbage, carrots, apple, cucumber, Brussels spout, and beets or broccoli. But i wash veggies off with vinegar and water to kill pesticides and bacteria. Since this is a raw produce once u juice it, u have to drink it right away cause the nutrients disappears quickly when air hits it. Also it can develop bacteria if u store it, but if u store it add 1 lemon to preserve juice. But i Jus drink mines right up. After i drink my juice i eat 1 hour later, whole grain oatmeal with raisins. I make this from scratch that way i know what’s in it. Scramble 1 egg in olive oil. And drank soy milk or water. For lunch i will eat fruits. For dinner boil chicken or baked fish with corn or sweet peas. No bread no junk food no sofas no candy. And i am seeing results and its march 11 2013. I stopped carafate last week and use DGL tabs to coat my stomach. Carafate is good but it was making my heart skip beats. No pain in stomach, no more coughing spells at night, no bloatness, no pain in upper mid back. I am gonna keep this routine up and will update once i stop all meds. Hopes this helps and GOD BLESS

  27. I have just been diagnosed with gastrits a few days ago. I am miserable

    1. I am so sorry you are in this condition. I’ve been fighting it for 2-3 years. These message boards are good resources. I don’t know why there is no reliable cure for stomach problems. I’ve taken every pill under the sun, and I’m no better. I’m looking at natural cures and enzymes, and good bacilli like yogurt. I drink Kefir everyday. You’ve got to find what works for you. I’ve heard of a new procedure, but I caught the end of the website,so I’m going to google it. Just keep looking and demand that your doctor work with you on this. I read that PPIs, like Nexium, causes bone problems when used over a long period. Good luck and God Bless.

  28. One thing to save your stomach lining guys, check the level of your sleeping bed.
    Make sure your chest and head are on a higher level in comparison to your feet. This will help stop the acid flowing upwards.,The acid mostly damages your lining at night.

  29. As far back as I remember. I have been suffering from stomach pains on and off. Fatty foods really bother me and also certain fruits. Sometimes I can get away with eating almost anything for a few days and other times I can not tolerate even water. 7 weeks ago I had my teeth fixed (implants) and I was able to eat without pain and so I ate, and ate! I ended up with huge indigestion (bloating, pain, heartburn, backache, nausea,) and nothing seem to help. I tried hydrochloric acid and made it much worse yet I know I do have very low stomach acid.
    The doctor gave me an antacid (pantoprazole) and after about 7 tables over a few days I got side effects and stopped taken them. I am on the waiting list for a endoscopy. I am not sure what to eat. Anything I consume makes my upper abdomen hurt. I just think that my stomach is very sore and inflamed. I suffer from anxiety and it makes my stomach problems worse but I also get more anxious due to health issues. A vicious circle. I am already a bit underweight and hardly eating is not good at all.
    Best of luck to all of you. I hope you get better soon. I know how miserable it can be.

  30. Hello everyone,
    I am a 28 year old from the UK. Last year while working on an oil rig I started getting the symptoms of IBS. After a couple treatments of antibiotics the problems persisted. I had an endoscopy which discovered my colon in a bad way. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. It got so bad I ended up in hospital for 10 days. After which I entered remission and was able to continue regular activities and diets.
    Once I got back to the rigs 2 weeks ago, my first trip since I was off sick, the colitis came back. This time I couldn’t eat for over 5 days before I could see a doctor. Too much acid in my stomach gave me Gastritis. The doc put me on Omeprazole but it wasn’t enough. The steroids he also gave me to combat the UC irritated my stomach to the point where the pain was unbearable and I was vommiting blood. Quick trip to A&E had them double the Omeprazole. I have no pain now and it has only been 3 days. My diarrhea is still bad but I blame that on the UC.
    Such horrible conditions to contract out of no where. I hope everyone finds a solution that helps. It is all very new to me so I am still fully in the dark about what the best path to take is. In a sad way it is good to know there are people out there who know what you are going through. I can’t help to look at my co-workers these days and think they don’t know how lucky they are.
    Good luck everyone… I will post if I find out what helps me. Thanks for everyone else’s imput.

    1. Someone I know was in dire straits with colitis and was told by a chiropractor to use willard water and barley grass .. This has saved his life, body, and mind..willard water is bought online and the other in any health food store. He now lives a normal fun healthy life without any health issues.. Check it out

  31. ive been on ppi’s for 8 years . I am 44 now, They stopped working and i was in terrible pain- got an endoscopy- told me it was gastritis and reflux. Anyway, meds stopped working. And i was desperate for a cure. Well after tons of internet research and bookstore and library and healthfood store research , this is what i did—– I stopped eating all meat,fish,chicken etc, , I stopped eating grain, pasta, oatmeal, rice , all dairy ,milk,cheese, etc…. And ONLY ate fruit and vegetables and avacados,quinoa,edemmame beans, Lemon squeezed in water ,almonds, almond butter, chia seeds , himalayen sea salt, . This way of eating is called the Acid/Alkeline diet. Look it up- study it- it will cure you. . I was medicine free in a week and a half. The only thing i take is dgl to help to repair the lining of my poor stomach.I was shocked at how much better i felt, My energy is way up. Your body will detox so you have to research the symtoms of detox so you know what to expect.I lost about 10 pounds very quickly and still losing. I will add some foods back slowly as i continue to heal.Oh and one more thing – i am also food combinging which is easy.. please research that as well. Good luck.

    1. Thank you so much for your post. I am going to try this diet.

  32. i was diagonised with inflamed stomach and one polyp. my stomach hurts to even drink water. so i am taking manuka honey which you can get in whole foods, i am also using one teaspoon of blackstrap unsulphered the morning. about two hours after i eat a good piece of fresh aloe vera gel with one dgl from vitamin shop. i now tey to eat papya and drink buttermilk with a 20 billion probiotic. iits only two days but i am trying my best and praying at the same time. i have cut out all meats and fish as i was told by a friend that meat encourages an acidic envirnment.. i was given 40 mgs of prilosec. i really dont know if its help as i am still getting the discomfort. no coffee and no caffeine. hope this helps everyone in time

  33. This site has really helped me! I have read almost all the comments here and I relate to almost everyone! I have tried many things some has worked and some things have not. My problems and pain come on and off and also depends alot on what I eat of course. This past week I havent been able to eat as my food will not digest and I was so bloated and nauseous! With burning pain. Thanks for the alkaline diet tip! Going to start today and will write back if I find anything that works for me that could possibly work for anyone else. Thanx

  34. For 3 years my son has suffered from facial swelling, and intense pain and swelling of his GI tract. He has been to 12 doctors including an immunologist, rheumatologist, pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, and endocrinologist. The most he has been told is that they believe it is Orofacial Granulomatosis with gut involvement. It has been confirmed not to be Crohn’s, angioedema, sarcoidosis (though I have this), or Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome.

    He has been treated with steroids, Humera, and Azothioprine. He had some success with Humera but had to stop treatment due to an itching reaction.

    We are working together to get him as healthy as possible. We would like to start juicing, but need to know what are the best types to drink e.g. anti inflammatory, soothing.

    Also, is it best for him to avoid animal protein?

    He is 29 years old and tired. Please help.

    Many thanks.

    1. Have a look at Mastocytosis your sounds like he might have it. Good luck..

  35. Dr i like your site and i would love to learn more about gastrisis because i have the same problem.Keep it up and God bless you,thank you.Amos from Zambia.

  36. that high fiber diet does not work for me at least. Lemon killed my stomach it was too acidic…i tried fiber diet and my gastritis got worse. My gastritis feels so much better with ginger tea or straight cinnamon powder (1/2 tsp) a day. I also drink chamomile herb tea and also drank marshmallow tea eases constipation and gas…I drink herbal teas instead of lemon water..The acid in fruits hurts gastritis irritates it worse.. I also used a product i liked called Bye-Lori.. drank aloe vera juice to heal my stomach. Then i take licorice 1 or 2 times a day to also heal my stomach and intestines. I have bloating and gas alot in my intestines so i take probiotics. my stomach is healing. I eat oatmeal and rye toast for breakfast or eggs scrambled with a potato..and then tuna fish or some kind of chicken for lunch, then i eat cooked veggies all day long and i eat some pasta, or turkey or fish for dinner.. I also eat mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes… I dont eat dairy or cheese . I take a calcium/magnesium vitamin. I stopped all the spicy foods and sodas…i take vitamins and some chews Q co enzyme 10 …I also take a separate vit e and Vitamin D. I use tums 750 instead of RX meds cuz the tums help eat up the acid in the stomach. This all helped me.

  37. Hi everyone, I’m 29 years old from Ontario, Canada and I have suffered with stomach inflammation for about a year! I had nausea, acid re-flux, heartburn, stomach cramping, the whole nine yards! After attempting to treat all my symptoms and testing for absolutely everything but to no avail, an endoscopy finally revealed that I had stomach inflammation. Right away, I was put on 10 mg of Domperidone 4 times a day. After 1 month I immediately saw a drastic improvement. No more pain!! My doctor decided to extend my prescription for another 2 months. So far so good, I’m on the mend! A healthy cooked diet is important too, I’ve learned that to help heal the inflammation, a hearty soup diet can be a huge help. Of course, homemade soup–not the canned stuff. I wish everyone the best of luck!

    1. Hi i have had really bad stomach inflammation for a year now, blood tests confirmed Helicobactor endoscopy confirmed the inflammation. I have had the tripe antibiotics and acid tabs, now i am on esomeprazole 20mg one a day and domperidone 10mg 1 3times a day, will this pain ever go, Thanks Marie.

  38. Ok many people share the same frustration here including myself and for me it’s been going for years, and for years I’ve tried so many things and ways I can’t stress that enough (many many things) reading some of these posts some are right about coconut oil or vitamin E plant oils seem to help better, however in my case the inflammation or ulcers was so bad I would get bad symptoms from anything I put in my mouth it felt like there is no solution to it

    So as I was crying for some kind of answer out there and I would spend much time reading books or online and one day I was listening to this audio recording by truth calkins stating that the body will always heal it’s self if given the chance and that was like a big encouragement for me so long story short after much more research I put the puzzle to together since food is irritating the lining and stomach need a break to heal…I started fasting
    however while fasting you need some sort of drink to supply body with nutrients for me it was vegetable broth because my case was so bad I couldn’t even fast on juice (fresh juice)
    so the broth was easy to digest and easily anyway I can’t write everything here would take too long but when I started I could only do half an hour and I was still eating a lot of bad food for my stomach I gave it a month and I saw small changes in my symptoms and that was so exciting for me so I kept doing it but fasting for longer and sure enough more improvement
    SO PLEASE DONT LOSE HOPE this is a slow process but it will heal the root cause rather than just cover it
    so this is just my story I hope there’s more people out there who have success stories
    and always consult your doctor before making changes THANKS FOR READING

    1. Hi Hope
      My problem has being going on for years. Been sick since Last Monday. I just want to die. On here trying to find out what works and doesn’t So much to read . I can relate to all who are suffering. Had h pylori years ago. Had several endoscopy. I have hiatus hernia acid reflux inflamed stomach. Just had bile duct cleaned out .

  39. I have multiple food allergies/sensitivities and was diagnosed with mild antrum gastritis this week via endoscopy. Doc told me to take Prilosec, even prior to the biopsy results coming in. Seems to help, but it’s a strange sensation.

    There are so few foods left when you have already eliminated citrus, vinegar, tea, gluten, oats, soy, nuts, mint, legumes… I never liked spicy foods and quitting my evening wine isn’t that hard, but it’s not easy to function without coffee. Its also really socially limiting when you can’t eat regular food. The idea of possibly giving up cheese is positively depressing. Aiyee. I’ve been drinking the aloe vera juice and experimenting with DGL, marshmallow tea, etc. but it’s difficult to tell what’s really working. The GI doc ran the test, but didn’t give much guidance. I feel very much like it’s my own puzzle to try to solve, but it’s a really challenging one. Thank you all for sharing your stories, it helps.

  40. H there, I came on this site because I woke up in cruciating pain in my stomach after using ibuprofen and felt the acid at the mouth of my stomach burning like hell…I was going nuts as the pain was so bad I couldn’t even make it to the store to ask the pharmacist for help, but I’ve always believed in natural cures and what I found to be a godsent for this problem is honey, fish oil (especially) and some probiotics! After I took both the fish oil and probiotics the pain IMMEDIATELY STOPPED! Hallelujah!

    Good luck everyone!


  41. I’m a 21 year old girl who was addicted to coffee.
    On May, I started having absolutely terrible nausea, along with belching and a pain on my stomach that seemed to increase whenever I ate.
    My Dr told me that I have a mild inflamation in the lining of my stomach, he gave me some meds and I kept a bland diet. It worked up until now. The belching and the nausea are back, my stomach hurts a little. I’m worried that my stomach didn’t heal and that the pain is going to increase.
    Note that I have started drinking coffee once a day every 2-3 days for the last few weeks. Could coffee be the cause?

    1. Coffee could definitely be the cause. I am on a diet for gastritis too and every time I eat something not on the diet, I get pain for a week.

  42. I noticed aloe vera is on the list. My aunt suffered from stomach ulcers, so she started mixing aloe (the actual leaf minus the skin, not the store bought liquid) and mixing it in the blender with pear juice. She drank it two or three times a day, and got so used to the taste of the aloe vera that by the end was just pealing the skin off and eating it straight. It is a bit slimy, but I supposed that’s what coats the stomach and helps heal the inflammation. Anyway, by the time her endoscopy came around, the doctor only saw scars of where the ulcers were, which meant they had mostly healed. Aloe Vera leaves can be found at many Chinese or Latin market places, and pear juice may be a bit more difficult to find, but I guess any juice that’s not acidic would do. Just wanted to share in case this could help anyone.

  43. Hi everyone
    I’m 31 year old male and for the last couple of months have been suffering from real bad stomach pains, bloating feeling and getting generally depressed about it all. I’ve been to the doctors where hey just have me some peppermint oil – didn’t have any effect. Ended up going A&E one night as getting so fe up wih it. Here they predicted I had Gastritis and found trace of blood in my urine. I was given 5 days of antibiotics and Lansaprozole. This was couple of weeks ago and still I am suffering. Doctor has since changed peppermint oil for colofac but again still no change. Some days are better than others and I can pin it down to certain foods/drinks. I have cut down on alcohols almost completely but again this has not made much difference. I have another doctors appointment in the new year if no better will talk about endoscope to check what’s going on inside. Just wish I knew what it was and how to if this. Please help if you can

    1. Peppermint is not recommended for gastritis related illness.

  44. Just go on Dr Koufman’s diet – low fat bland foods. 2 weeks induction where she lists foods and then a phase for maintenance. This gives time for the stomach to heal and once it does you can go back introducing foods. In any case, people with a stomach prone to reflux/gastritis should eat acidic/spicy food with extreme care. Google Dr Koufman for her website. I would rather eat carefully than suffer acid/gastritis pain. The reply by Maggie is also correct.

  45. 10 months ago I was in the hospital twice with gastritus attack. I lost 15 lbs (down to 90 lbs). Took a test later to find inflammation of the stomach. Since then I have been very careful what I eat. Oatmeal and banana in the morning, egg and toast two hours later, a milk shake with banana and a turkey sandwich for lunch, snack at 3:00pm (usually peanut butter crackers) and dinner at 6:00PM usually little meat with vegtables. I try to drink water, when I remember too. I have gained 10 lbs and my stomach has gotten slowly better feeling (less pain) except that I find I must still eat every 2 to 3 hours or the lower stomach area aches. Thank you for the advise regarding taking ginger tea, licorice and probiotics ( I assume in yogurt) to sooth the stomach lining. I will definately being trying both. Also Scott Cole’s Tai Chi dvd for excercise, balance and mobility has helped me to learn to relax the stomach muscles with attention to breathing. I just keep saying today may not so good but I am further along then yesterday.

  46. I had an endoscopy 3 days ago (just concentrate on breathing hard and have the throat spray not sedation) the diagnoses was hiatus hernia and gastritis. I’m now awaiting the pathology results (had several biopsies) and will see GP to prescribe medication. In the mean time have researched that I would benefit from taking alginate – the only medication I found off the shelf was Gaviscon. Wow it was amazing took it 2 days after procedure (1st day after was in absolute pain presumably the biopsies done were then open to the acid/bile in my stomach) so I was very happy yesterday to be comfortable 1st time for about 10 months I have also stayed away from tomatoes chocolate and caffeine. Today not so good but had pineapple juice this morning which immediately aggravated it 🙁

  47. I have been doing a lot of research on topic and I am going to try acupuncture. My mom, my daughter and myself all suffer from gastritis. It’s absolutely overlooked in the medical community and people suffer alone and without hope of living a normal life. Ive done everything except acupuncture. A man suggested it in an earlier post and I found actual studies that support it. Has anyone else used it?

    1. Elizabeth, Whenever there is a physical problem, there is a problem at the energetic level. It is hard to know which is the chicken or the egg as to the cause. However, the problem needs to be solved at both the physical and energetic levels to get the best long term results. Acupuncture is a great way to go. Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is the energy art I practice, will be just as effective without needles, although it may be harder to find a person who does it. Let me know your experience.

  48. Hi, I’ve been having problem with my stomach for more than a year now, done tons of test and apparently nothing shows up. At the end doctors tell me that I have gastritis, although the endoscopy didn’t say anything about it, but showed inflammation of the duodenum. I’ve being taking enzymes, probiotic, aloe vera, liquirice extract, and I followed a vegan and gluten free diet for 8 months, but still no change. I’m desperate. I have chronic nausea and pain which is destroying my life. I can’t digest anything, apart from grains apparently. please do you have any suggestion? please help!! thank you!

    1. Dana, You have done about all the things you can do without practitioner supervision. At this point you may try fasting for up to 5 days to rest the duodenum–any longer than that requires supervision. When the things you have tried don’t work, I often use IV nutritionals which support cell function and repair during fasting, or without fasting. If there is inflammation in the intestinal tract, it may not be digesting and absorbing nutrients properly. There are also stool studies which help identify if proper digestion and absorption is taking place. This also needs to be done under the supervision of an alternative medicine practitioner.

    2. Dana, how are you now? Do u know what caused the problem? How r u coping?

    3. If you have nausea then acid in the stomach is mainly the culprit. I now having ulceration along the esophagus and no acid reflux, i have no nausea. But the ulcer is due to allergic reaction than gastric problem.

      Prior to this i have been taking Nexium on and off for years to neutralise the acid. Then about 5 months ago I started taking lemon juice. One lemon a day first thing in the morning and after 4 months i can drink black coffee without having to take nexium.
      so if you do not have open wounds in your stomach you may want to give lemon a try.

  49. If pain, gas, burning and other problem in stomach then think of
    Acid Reflux
    Gastritis or Ulcer
    Probable solutions are Antacid, Prilosec etc. Change life style may help.
    Herbal Remedies: DGL tablets. Heather’s pippermint oil, Raw vegetable juice like Cabbage, carrot, beat, cucumber etc.
    Check for low acid secretion. Take Hcl tablets if necessary.
    Check for gallbladder problem or stone. It can have similar symptoms like acid reflux and gastritis. Take some good medicine and raw vegetable juice for liver and Gall cleaning.
    That should work with most problem of digestive track.

  50. I was diagnosed with Gastitis in February this year. After waitng 3 months for endoscopy.. I have had omprazole, lansoprozole and pansoprozole. All gave me side effects, dizziness and stomach cramps. I am now on ranitidine and mostly existing on juicing. Cabbage and pear, cucumber and beet root seem to help most. I have sympathy with all Gastitis sufferers it really is a dreadful condition. I have read the other posts and will try some of the remedies. Thinking about digestive enzymes will give this a try.

    1. Beware of the cucumber juice, it is known to be irritating. I do carrot-celery-fennel or carrot-celery-spinach juice.

  51. I have learned lots from this site! One question does it ever just heal and go way?

  52. I tried mastic gum for 4 days, it made my gastritis much worse. I got terrible pain and cramping from it. I tried aloe vera too, and it made my gastritis worse too, it is too acidic.

    What helped me is a low acid, low fat, low salt diet avoiding anything irritating with either dexilant or pepzin GI twice a day, DGL licorice before each meal, evamore water and slippery elm between meals.

    1. try pentocid bd,before meal, meal fade meal,without pepper,after meal take 1 tesp.antacid syrup. take a becasule capsule,after dinner,continue 3 months


    Quite an interesting read. Depending on the cause of the gastritis acid suppressants might actually make the stomach produce more acid by increasing the acid producing cells. Also antibiotics might work as a treatment for gastritis.

  54. I’m about to start the program laid out in Jordan Rubin’s book “Restoring Your Digestive Health”. There’s a few pages on gastritis. If that helps, I’m going to use the low-acid cookbook called “Dropping Acid” to maintain health.
    This condition has been so depressing. And I agree with a previous commenter, it’s a very lonely illness.
    My doctor diagnosed me after an endoscopy and he patted me on the back and sent me out the door with a prescription for the rest of my life. No thanks. I wish she’d discussed ANYTHING with me. Good thing we’ve got google!
    I’ve also heard good things about Siberian Pine Nut Oil. Anyone know if that’s hokey?

  55. I’m 21 and was diagnosed with hiatus hernia and gastritis/inflammation almost.a year ago
    What iv learned is that there is no quick fix. For us unlucky people, it’s a complete change in lifestyle that’s going to help.

    Here is what has helped me somewhat.
    No dairy, wheat (except wholewheat) I and no refined sugar (basically no anything ha)
    No red meat or pork

    Have brown rice most days for dinner
    Loads of cooked vegetables especially greens
    Eat oily fish
    Porrige and almond.milk for.breakfast

    Went to a health shop and was given polyemzyme forte (digestive enzyme to aid digestion) and slippery elm (soothes stomach)
    Also prescribed lansoprazole but I’m eager to get off it because bad for overall health and awful side effects

    Eat regular small meals _ every 2 hours
    Lots of water

    Sticking to this I feel much better.. Took couple of weeks to see results. Now I can even cheat a bit – have alcohol or cheese or chocolate the odd time and it isn’t too bad.

    Lately however my bowel rather than stomach has been very rumbly. Gas at night and bubbly, painful to press down also a bit constipated… Don’t know what is causing it

    Hope some of this info helps some of you and hope we all feel better someday because it really is awful

  56. I forgot:
    Try to.make.home.made.vegetable soup every day
    Stay away from.acidic.foods
    Don’t eat after 7 o’clock
    Reduce stress – I think.that’s my.main problem
    And one thing iv found.that helps bloating and gas is doing.deep breathing exercises don’t know why…

  57. I am currently having acute ulceration along the esophagus. The doctor told me this was due to an allergic reaction to a particular herb supplement which I was taking. I was given Nexium and antibiotic due to high fever due to infection.
    It is now almost 6 days. Eating and drinking is painful. I am taking raw cabbage and potato juice, vit e, magnesium, zinc, melatonin as i was told these would help in some way. I am also taking probiotic between the antibiotic. Strangely…the only food that provide an instant pain relieve ..even better than nexium is instant noodle. any plain flavor would do.

  58. Once you have a gastritis or stomach inflammation, you are vulnerable to it occuring again forever. Siberian Pine Nut Oil is the true answer. It heals the stomach lining completely, and is extremely soothing and nourishing to the stomach compared to prilosec. Doctors want you to be afraid of natural remedies that have been used for centuries, and in other countries are in heavy use today. It completely healed my gastritis within two months two different times. I even ordered it for severe nausea in pregnancy, and it worked for that too. That’s some pretty safe stuff. Now I have iron pill induced gastritis that the doctors seem dumb about, and I already have my bottle on hand. Be patient, eat right, take the oil. Afterwards, you can eat what you like again. Some companies overly dilute the oil which gives minimal relief and discouragement. Go to the site for the most effective oil. 100% worth the try. I’d rather use the oil maybe once a year for life, than be on a prescription that produces no final result. Also, have zinc levels checked. Low zinc won’t allow stomach to heal for life.

    1. I tried cabbage carrot juice but it irritated my stomach lining causing me terrible gas. Sucralfate along with Prevacid, DGL zinc carnosine, L glutamine vitamin C and E and alkaline diet totally healed my gastritis after 12 weeks.
      How are you doing now?

  59. Hi my name is Catheline I’m 25 years of age I have never wrote on these sites before but I suffer from Heartburn and Gastritis. ..had an endoscopy that showed mild Gastritis, I am very said its hard to sleep at night cause I sleep on my left side so the sphincter doesn’t relax,my legs are restless and I feel weak because I don’t know what to have for breakfast….I’m eating extra healthy I don’t drink alcohol caffeine soda because I hate those things no chocolate no citrus…another thing my biopsy came out normal so I’m guessing it occurred because I consumed iron pills…I am on my new journey watched a video Dr.Glidden on YouTube he said these things occur due to low levels of Calcium and Magnesium deficiency…I also heard about the siberian pineoil and want to give it a try…please keep in touch and I pray we all get relief because I’m very depressed….God bless you all keep the faith!

  60. anyone know how long it takes to get inflamation down i was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and have gastritis and acid reflux would appreciate it !!!

  61. I know how you feel. Same here. I suffered with this life destroying condition for 4 and a half years. My life hasn’t been the same. What makes it worse is, that my gastritis raises my blood pressure. I’ve went to the ER ever since I started having this gastritis. I wish I found my cure.

  62. Have you heard of the gaps diet? Its purpose is to heal the gut wall and any damage that it has. Its theory is that foods such as starches and grains (which are harder to digest) can cause harm and hinder healing. Thus, these foods are removed from the diet for a time (healing time depends on different factors such as the person involved and the severity of the damage in their guts) to allow the stomach to heal. Also, foods that help the stomach heal are emphasized- foods such as animal fats, broth, and vegetables.

  63. My daughter has really bad stomach burning issues vomiting she’s been vomiting for about maybe 5 days already she can’t eat nothing drink nothing throws it all back up. Is pine nut oil I want to say that would be something I would like to try for her would you know what do you know about aloe vera if that would also work and how would you use that just rub it on the outside of the stomach.

    1. She should first see doctor as it could be
      Lots of things ,that way you’ll know what it is.

  64. One of the best cures for gastritis is celery juice.

  65. I had this a few years ago.
    I got RX called. sucralfate in about 7 days
    It worked.
    I did all natural first but had to take Rx.

    It coats your stomach lining giving it a chance to heal.

  66. The most healing method for Gastric and to heal the Inflammation is Bicarbonate of Soda, take half a tsp and juice of half a lemon mix and drink. Three times a day. Take very good probiotics one a day. Chia seeds with Organic Almond milk ( 1cup of Almond milk and quarter cup chia seeds, mix together and leave in the Refrigerator for 30 minutes very delicious dessert.

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