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Ease on Down: Sweeteners

I would like to know more about sweeteners, yeast, dairy products and why they would be something that should be taken away.

Sweeteners: If you are addicted to sugar or sweets, then you need to avoid all sweets, possibly even fruits. Assuming you are not addicted to sugar, there are ‘bad’, ‘good’ and ‘best’ sweeteners. The ‘best’ sweetener is eating the whole fruit, and that is where most of the need for sweet flavor should be met. Juices typically remove the pulp, or fiber, thus making it more like a sugar drink, albeit better than soda pop.

Fruit Drinks: These fruits can be put in a smoothie and have all the nutrients they contain.

There are ‘good’ sweeteners. These include stevia and xylitol, and perhaps agave in small amounts. But because agave is fructose, and too much fructose is harmful to the liver, you need to be careful with it. Raw honey and whole cane sugar when used in moderation are also acceptable if your body works well with them. ‘Bad’ sweeteners include processed white sugar, aspartame, and Splenda. All of these are toxic to the body.

Processed Sugar:

  • is inflammatory,
  • feeds candida and cancer cells,
  • causes acidity in the body,
  • suppresses the immune system,
  • increases triglycerides in the blood,
  • leads to several mineral deficiencies,
  • causes insulin resistance and diabetes

–is that enough? (there is much more!).

Aspartame: is wood alcohol, with an aspartate group and phenylalanine hooked onto it. The wood alcohol is toxic to the body, so the liver breaks it down into formaldehyde, another toxic substance, and then further into formic acid (the sting of the fire ant). I consider aspartame worse than sugar. Splenda has a chlorine group on it. Chlorine gas was used World War I to kill enemy soldiers. It was found to be so effective, it has been added to our water supply to kill bacteria. Chlorine, bromide and fluoride are in the same family with iodine, and all will interfere with the production of thyroid hormone.

More on the other stuff to come in future posts…

3 thoughts on “Ease on Down: Sweeteners

  1. What is wrong with koolaid if you use stevia to sweeten it?

  2. Gene, Although there may be a small amount of vitamin C added, there are small amounts of harmful substances also. Dyes are added to give it color (that’s why Play Dough (sp?) is colored with Kool-Aid), maltodextrin from corn (probably GM) may be added as a highly processed sweetener, phosphorus in the form of calcium phosphate is also added. If something needs to be added to water, use lemon or lime. They will alkalinize the water also.

  3. My child has been diagnosed with fructose and lactose intolerance, is it possible to remain healthy without fruit/veg and dairy?

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