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Nutritional Supplements: What to Look For

You have mentioned using “good” vitamins and herbs. Could you tell me what brand(s) you suggest? Thank you!

There seem to be an endless number of supplement companies out there, and your question is a good one. A couple of years ago, as I explored the options to make recommendations to my patients, I had the same question, which led me to personally formulate my Vital Primivia brand that is available on this website.

In making your decision, you have at least 3 issues to consider:

1. Does the supplement have in it what the label says it has?

2. Are there toxins added or not removed in the processing of the supplement?

3. Does the supplement have the ability to break down, either in the stomach or the intestinal tract, so it can be absorbed by your body?

In the case of supplements, you truly “get what you pay for.”  Generally, the higher end supplements will fulfill all these criteria.

The higher end supplement companies only sell their products to health care professionals; this is why it is difficult to find a quality product at your local store.  Some network marketing companies have quality supplements, and a few of them will sell directly to the public.

Most of what is available in health food stores falls into an intermediate category; I would term these “good,” but they are not optimal.  They are often less expensive, but do not usually have quite as good quality control.

Poor quality supplements do not break down well in the body and often contain higher levels of toxic metals–mercury, lead, aluminum. These should be avoided. Generally, I do not recommend supplements from grocery stores, warehouse stores, or pharmacies. Sometimes you can find good supplements on the internet, but it is difficult to know which are which.  (Obviously, I suggest the Primivia brand from my website 🙂  I know the quality and I know the company that follows my formulation.  Many folks are reporting excellent results, with higher energy levels, less illness, and illnesses of a much shorter duration when they are on the supplements.

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