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Blood Pressure, Vitamins

Two Questions: My husband is taking Amlodipine Besylate 5 mg per day for blood pressure.  After taking it he feels hot.  What do you recommend taking? He also was diagnosed 8 years ago with autoimmune hepititus which they think is due to taking the antibiotic Avolox.

Also, do you know about Young Living Products?  We have been taking the vitamins, but they are so expensive.  I came across your supplements but I need some advice on what we need.  My Dr. says I need to increase my Vitamin D and say Sams club has their brand that is 3000 I.U.  My LDL Cholesterol is 142, total Cholesterol is 236 and Triglycerides are 185.  She says I am beginning to have Osteopenea.

Amlodipine  besylate is an anti-hypertensive that blocks the intake of calcium into the muscle of the arteries. The influx of calcium is what causes muscle to contract. This means it relieves whatever constriction the blood vessel muscle was having on the artery. This will dilate the blood vessel, permitting more blood to flow, which may cause a feeling of heat, and may also drop the blood pressure. I think conventional medicine is too aggressive with medication use with blood pressures. Although he would need supervision of a practitioner such as myself to monitor him, usually I shift patients from medications to high doses of magnesium (which also functions as a calcium channel blocker like amlodipine), CoQ10 and hawthorne.

As far as basic vitamins for general use, I recommend everyone be on a potent multivitamin, essential oils and vitamin D.  My website has a product called Vital Primivia which combines the potent multivitamin with appropriate dosages of essential oils in a convenient packet taken twice each day. Add 5,000 IU of vitamin D to it, unless your levels or vitamin D are already above 40.  For osteoporosis, you may want to add strontium and silicon also.

2 thoughts on “Blood Pressure, Vitamins

  1. Dear Dr. Gardner,
    Thank you for your input.
    Is there a way you can monitor Roy’s blood pressure from Pekin, Indiana? I can take his blood pressure here at home and we would work with our family doctor. How much magnesium, CoQ10 and Hawthorne?
    I had looked at your vitamins but I didn’t know which I needed. How often do blood tests need to be taken so that I don’t get too much vitamin D. Do you also carry the strontium and silicon?
    Thank you for your advice.
    Bannah Hanover

  2. I am on the same medication for blood pressure and am on a calcium plus vitamin D program. I am confused when you say that the blood pressure medicine blocks calcium into the blood vessels? Does it interfere with adding calcium to the bone?
    I am from Ohio, but am here in Utah (South Jordan) until June. My heart doctor wants me to start a program that flushes out the blood stream. It sounds to radical to me and am trying “the red” omega 3 pill. Do you have any advice of natural things to use. I have the prescriptions done stairs, but I don’t plan to get them filled. I am 69 years old with type 2 diabetes, chronic broncitis and asthma. I just have such a fear of the side affects from so many of these drugs being prescribed. Thanks for your help. Sara

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