AllDeSen (Allergy Desensitization)

AllDeSen (ál-dee-sen) Treatment


Allergy De-Sensitivity Testing and Treatment

What is the AllDeSen treatment protocol? Keys to Healing Medical Center takes allergy/sensitivity testing and treatment to a new level, using an approach enhanced by Dr. Stan Gardner, based on energy medicine.

Energy Medicine refers to treatment modalities that flow along set pathways. These pathways flow through the body, much like blood or nerve messages.

What Causes Allergic or Sensitivity Reactions?

Our bodies can react to many triggers in our environment, including food, chemicals, plastics, toxins, inhalants, medications, nutrients, metals, and emotional issues. if there is sensitivity or allergy present, when our bodies are exposed to any of these triggers, our muscles become weaker. Prolonged exposure causes the entire body to weaken and become less healthy.

A basic premise for treating allergy or sensitivity symptoms is that the body responds in a measurable way to positive or negative substances. Applied kinesiology, a proven effective form of muscle testing, is an effective means to test the negative or positive effect of substances on the body. The patient holds an arm in position in the presence of a test substance, and Dr. Gardner applies light pressure to determine resistance. The degree of resistance indicates strengthening or weakening of muscles in the body in response to the substance.

When substances that have a weakening effect are identified, Dr. Gardner is able to “reprogram” the body and brain on an energy level, so that the body will respond positively to the substance exposures.

How Was this Treatment System Developed?

* Dr Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C., L.Ac., R.N., Ph.D., developed a system, called “Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique” (NAET). Dr. Nambudripad’s system treats allergies by identifying sensitivities through muscle testing and clearing them using acupuncture or acupressure.

* Dr. Ellen Cutler, M.D., D.C., developed a similar method called Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzymatic Therapy (BioSET). Dr. Cutler’s program claims to take NAET one step further. She uses specific organ detoxification, bioenergetic testing, enzyme therapy, and allergy elimination techniques.

* Dr. Stan Gardner uses both methods above, combined with his own treatment protocol, that utilizes his effective style of energy medicine, to provide the AllDeSen Treatment Protocol.

What Happens During a Treatment?

AllDeSen Treatments are conducted in a series of anywhere from 10-15 treatments, varying from person to person. Dr. Gardner tests you for various food groups, additives, indoor and outdoor allergens, minerals, chemicals, plastics, vitamins and hormones. The testing and treatment can be done as often as daily, but treatments are typically scheduled on a weekly basis. Each session is about 30 minutes.

The purpose of desensitization is to provide your system with normalization and tolerance toward a wide variety of potential allergens. Each substance has its own energy frequency. Substances that cause a reaction have an energy frequency that the body perceives as negative.

In the AllDeSen treatment process, energy techniques such as acupressure open up the energy pathways to create a positive flow for the substance. This reprograms the body’s reception of the substance, making the substance a “friend,” not a “foe.”


Can Children Be Treated as Well as Adults?

Yes. Children respond well to this type of treatment. AllDeSen does not use shots or painful injections to test or treat.

What is the Cost? Will Insurance Cover it?

Cost for the first visit is $195, and follow up visits are $50. Payment in full is expected the day services are provided. You may check with your insurance company; however, for most patients, this will be an out of pocket expense.


Do I have to be a patient at Keys to Healing Medical Center to Receive AllDeSen Treatments?

You will need to have a full biochemical workup with Dr. Gardner prior to treatment. He will take a comprehensive medical history, review your nutritional supplements with you, and order conventional and nutritional laboratory tests, including heavy metal testing. Usually, AllDeSen is started after your follow-up visit.


What is the Difference Between Conventional Allergy Testing and AllDeSen?

Typically, allergy testing involves skin “pricks” or IgE blood testing to determine allergens, followed by a series of shots to decrease the allergic reactions to the irritating substance.

Traditional allergy testing does not test for food, whereas AllDeSen can test for sensitivity to a wide variety of substances.

Please Help Me to Understand More About Energy Medicine

While the term “energy medicine” may be new to many people, the use of energy medicine has been in effect for thousands of years, and is in fact in use among traditional medical treatments today. If you have had an EKG, MRI, EEG, EMG, TENS, laser, ultrasound, or heat and cold treatments, you have experienced energy medicine. Lie detector equipment used in law enforcement measures bioenergy.

Everything is made up of atoms, which contain vibrating particles. At the particle level, all matter is energy. All living things (and in fact, all non-living elements) are made of particles. Thus we are all energy beings, and the most effective treatment protocols begin at the energy level.

Keys to Healing Medical Center delves more deeply into energy medicine with its use of homeopathy, applied kinesiology, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient Japanese healing art), acupressure, and other techniques.