ASEA: This Doctor’s Dilemmas

By Stan M. Gardner MD, CNS

Prevention is Preferable to Cure

What if you had what you thought was the most life-changing, beneficial product in the world, one that you felt strongly needed to be available to every human being on earth?

What if you experimented with this product, found it could not harm anyone, and it produced breathtakingly incredible results in peoples’ health?

And what if that product ingredient list was “salt” and “water?” Would anyone who walked into their local supermarket understand the magnitude of what the product was, just seeing it sitting on a shelf?

As a scientist, I can research the technology, experiment with its results, and understand somewhat the mechanism of action in this amazing product.

As a medical doctor, I recall some of the words in the Hippocratic Oath: “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.”

But as a person who writes for a diverse group of people, I have to be careful. Even as I go out on a limb to make the claim for this technology, I am met with a barrage of questions:

“How can salt water be so powerful?”

“Dr. Gardner, is this a network marketing scheme? If it is, shame on you.”

“What does this stuff do, and how does it do it?”

“Is it safe?”

First question: I’m going to postpone it a bit, because I want to tackle the second question, about network marketing, and shame on me.

I honestly don’t care where you get the product. Please, buy it from a friend or neighbor, or get it directly from the company. But if you want to take a proactive approach to your health and well-being, get this product. It’s called ASEA, and I believe with all my heart that it is a huge breakthrough for peoples’ health. Because of that belief, my wife and I have chosen to be a part of this company and technology. Here’s the link that gets you to my site, where you can watch videos about the technology, and you are obviously welcome to learn about it from any other source you choose.

But I know enough, from both personal experience and from research, that I am staking my professional claim on the magnitude of what this does:

What it Does, and How it Does it

ASEA is made through a process called “electrolysis.” Sodium, chloride, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules are rearranged in a patented process that duplicates the fluid inside and outside the cells in the body. Our own body’s production of these “signaling molecules” diminishes as we age, so it becomes more important to our bodies as we get older to replace the molecules.

Previously this was not possible. Scientists were able, after years and millions of dollars of research, to reproduce the signaling molecules, but they could not keep them stable. Now they have created a process that keeps the molecules stable for at least a year.

What Do These Molecules Do?

Because they are signaling molecules, they will help wherever there are signaling malfunctions in the body.

Dysfunctions may also exist between the hormones and the receptors on the cell. This is the problem with insulin resistance, because the insulin receptors are not accepting signals from insulin, so sugar does not enter the cell.

Another very important area where proper signaling is needed is in the body’s natural cellular repair process. Nonhealing fractures are merely fractures that do not heal after months of being immobilized. The repair signals are not messaging to the bones the process for new growth and repair.

Normal cuts and trauma need these repair signals to optimize their return to a normal, healthy state.

Boosting the Immune System

An additional category that ASEA helps is with the immune system.

In fact, ASEA improves the efficiency of ALL cellular functions, both inside the cell and between cells. Not only do we have all the advantages that oxidation accomplishes in the body; there are an equal number of reductants to neutralize the potential oxidative stress before free radical damage becomes rampant.

So Here’s Another Dilemma:

In my experience, it works. I am stunned by what I am seeing happen in those who are using it.

I share this with you because I cannot in good conscience not do so. To remain silent about this incredible product would be leaving you without this resource option to help with your health.

My dilemma was whether or not to keep silent. I chose to share what I know. I hope it blesses your lives.

One thought on “ASEA: This Doctor’s Dilemmas

  1. My Asea Testamonial: by Dave Bachand

    Before I started my redox signaling treatment on Dec 27/2010 these were the health problems that I had been facing. Please know that I have a viral disease that leads to swelling (inflammation) of the liver and did the Riboviron & Pegetron experimental drug treatment for one year, with no luck and the meds left me with liver pain, kidney pain, dizziness, bleeding gums & nasal passages, sadness, panic attacks, high blood pressure, high heart rate, heart palpitations, yellowing in my skin and eyes, swollen lymph nodes, extreme shoulder & neck pain, feet and hip pain, fatigue, poor sleeping habits, extreme cold in all extremities, unable to regulate body heat, poor concentration, extreme irritability, no libido, breathing problems, joint pain, bad breath, hair loss, poor vision, prostate and bowel problems, constant cracking skin on my finger tips. I am not the only one that was left like that and I will not be the last !

    Within one week of using redox signaling, these things started clearing up (some faster than others) and I have had no signs for over 15 months of any of the above health issues. My family Doctor of 30 yrs and my chiropractor are so shocked about my recovery that they basically have wrote it off as the placebo affect. (Please)

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