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Since beginning my practice of alternative medicine, I’ve encountered questions that range from very simple to very complex in their answers; for example:

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Allergies—Nothing to Sneeze At

Recently a young woman came into my office with a common complaint: With the advent of pollen season, her eyes were watering and itchy; she was congested and miserable and unable to sleep, sneezing constantly. Many of you relate.

In order for us to understand an immune system gone awry (which is what allergies are all about), we must first understand the normal immune response. When any foreign particle enters our body, a host of defenders rushes to the site. These defenders are called “white blood cells,” and they perceive the foreign substance as the enemy.

We call the foreign substances “antigens.” These may be infectious agents, pollen in the air, dander from animals, mold spores, chemicals, or other allergens. Continue reading Allergies—Nothing to Sneeze At

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Free Report on Alternative vs. Conventional Medicine

Dr. Gardner is convinced that there are core principles that, if followed, will lead EVERYONE to more dynamic health. His philosophy is best encapsulated in his exclusive report, the Comparison of Alternative and Conventional Medicine. For your own free copy of the Comparison of Alternative and Conventional Medicine, enter your name and email address in the space provided.