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Healing Broken Foot Bones

A reader writes: Do you have a natural means of healing a broken foot, or at least helping the process along? It’s the Sesamoid bone of the left foot.

There are 2 sesamoid bones under the farthest part of the long bone of the foot’s big toe.  When strained or fractured, the sesamoid bones can cause pain in the first joint of the big toe. 
 It is important to realize that bone is live tissue.  It requires time and remodeling to heal.  Because it is hard to protect the fracture of the sesamoid bones with walking or running, it is easy to reinjure the damaged bones every day.  They need time to heal.  
 In addition to rest, the following ideas are useful:

1.  Do not use NSAID anti-inflammatory medications. They retard healing in all joints.

2.Use safer anti-inflammatory supplements like

  • DMSO,
  • Boswelia,
  • capsaicin,
  • and quercetin

3.  Frequencies that accelerate bone repair are found in frequency generators like the FSM machine.

4.  Redox signaling molecules are part of the communication network that facilitates healing.  They can be found in ASEA, which can be taken by mouth, and Renu28 gel, which can be placed directly on the skin around the fracture (Please contact my office at 801-302-5397 if you would like to learn more about this).

5. Try to identify the movement that caused the initial fracture and initiate change to reduce the chance of it happening again.  Changes may include using different shoes, strengthening muscle groups to add support, or releasing tight muscles that put more strain on that part of the foot.

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Bone Density Testing

I was wondering what your opinion is about Bone Density testing.

Bone Density testing, or a DEXA scan, is a measurement of the amount of calcium in the bone.  We all have our maximum levels of calcium in the bone at about age 26, and it starts to decrease as we age.

Conventional medicine has found a correlation between calcium in the bone, which they call osteopenia or osteoporosis. and tendency to fracture.

Fosamax or Actonel are medications which interfere with bone repair but they make the DEXA scan look better if repeated 6 months later.  Unfortunately, 2 years later you are more prone to fracture, even with an improved DEXA scan.

My approach to bone health is to supply all the nutrients (most of which are minerals) to the body so the bone will have the ingredients to repair itself. These can be found in a potent multivitamin, which includes more than just high levels of calcium.  Additionally, strontium and silicon are missing from all multivitamins, so I use a separate supplement to supply those minerals.

To answer your question about my opinion on Bone Density testing,

1. it is safe

2. as long as you do not start medications because of the results, I don’t have a problem with it

3. I don’t recommend it to my patients (although they usually get one and bring in the results).

Osteoporosis can be dealt with very effectively by healthy alternative methods.