Intravenous Nutrition

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Intravenous Therapy (NIV)?

NIV is the ability to administer important vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream.  These usually include vitamins C, all B vitamins, folic acid.  The minerals include magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, chromium.  Because they can be administered directly into the bloodstream, there is no concern about absorption problems in the intestinal tract.  Higher blood levels can also be obtained, because there is a limit to the rate of absorption of all nutrients in the intestinal tract.

What is NIV used for?

It is used most commonly for patients with fatigue and low energy problems.  The next most common use is to administer high dose vitamin C to help fight infections (and higher doses will even kill cancer cells).  The high dose of magnesium has been most helpful to reduce muscle spasm in asthma and kidney stones.  It can also be used when the intestinal tract is so damaged that it will not tolerate adequate nutrient intake or has difficulty with absorption.

How much does it cost, and how long does it take?

Regular NIV takes about 3 hours and costs $105.  There is a shorter treatment called a Meyer’s which lasts about 30 minutes and costs $75.