You have numerous choices for the quality you desire in supplements, herbs, and other products to make you healthier and provide your body with healing energy.

Less expensive supplements may be cheaper, but they often have less quality control.  This means they vary greatly in the amount of the beneficial substance (vitamin, mineral, herb) compared to what it says it has in each pill.  This variation can be as high as 50% or more difference, compared to the 5% or less difference in pharmaceutical grade products.   Cheap vitamins, because of the poorer quality control, also have more toxic substances (metals like mercury, arsenic or lead) in each pill.

Because of these concerns, Keys to Healing Medical Center uses only the companies with strict standards of excellence, providing excellent quality control with all the products they make available.  Pricing is competitive with other high quality supplement lines.  Although you are not obligated to purchase from Keys to Healing Medical Center, you can be assured they are of the highest quality.

To see the products that are available online, click .  Dr. Gardner has additional products in the office that are distributed under his supervision, and not available to the general public. You may obtain those products in his office after consulting with him.