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Bone Density

this is my dilemma, they have diagnosed me with osteoporosis, I fell last year and broke my wrist, right away, they told me to go on fosomax, and I read so much about it, that i was totally discouraged, right now i’m taking 10,000 vit d, and calcium, and a multivitamin, when I took my bone density, they told me that i was borderline, therefore, I kept a copy of my bone density of 2006 and they compared it, and were surprised that my results were that 2010 was better than 2006, their answer was that sometimes the machines make mistakes, and insisted that i take the fosamax, and scared me, that im looking for problems, as im browsing i saw your site, and found it very interesting, please give me your opinion, thanking you

As you can tell, there is much subjectivity in the practice of medicine. However, the science of Fosamax is this: it improves the DEXA scan score by interfering with the repair process of normal bone. This means that the score improves while the strength of the bone diminishes because it can no longer repair itself.

This is why there is an increase in jaw and hip fractures in people taking Fosamax (or Actonel).

My approach is this: supply the minerals (nutrients) needed for bone repair. These are all found in a potent multivitamin (about 6 per day, as the 1 to 2 per day can’t have sufficient calcium or magnesium because they take up too much space) except strontium and silicon. I sell these out of my office because it is so hard to find them. Vitamin D is a good idea, although levels should be obtained if you maintain that high dose for an extended period of time. Vitamin K is also important.

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Soda Pop and Osteoporosis

What is one thing wrong with soda pop?  I’ll share one answer with you:

Soda pop contains phosphates, so that the carbon dioxide does not become carbonic acid, a more immediate toxin.  The parathyroid hormone regulates phosphorus and calcium levels in the body, and matches them in the bloodstream one to one.

When we ingest phosphorus, the body pulls calcium out of the bones, which contributes to osteoporosis.  In fact, phosphorus ingestion may be a greater cause of osteoporosis than any other single thing.

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More on Bone Density

One more question for bone density. I am currently taking Evista. Any comments on that product?

Evista is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM).  It is synthetically made, and is not identical to any hormone the body makes. The early studies showed an increase in ovarian cancer in 2 separate rat species when the safety studies were done, but that fact does not appear in any of the marketing material.

I am not in favor of Evista, and even more opposed to the bisphosphonates, Fosamax and Actonel.

Provide the minerals the body needs to make strong bone, and you will reduce your fracture risk. They will all be found in a potent multi-vitamin except strontium and silicon, which need to be supplemented separately.

Five hundred to 750 mg of calcium is all you need to take in a supplement, as the rest of the calcium need (1,000 mg per day) can come from the diet.  Magnesium should also be 500 to 750 mg per day.