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A Unique Treatment for Fibromyalgia: Jin Shin Jyutsu

A 71-year-old female presented three years ago with diagnosed Fibromyalgia in 1997 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1993. She had seen three previous Integrative Medicine physicians and was much improved on B6 and B12 shots and compounded thyroid hormone.

I placed her on intravenous vitamins and minerals with high dose vitamin C. She also received FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) treatments, which were designed to treat spinal cord injury, one of many causes of Fibromyalgia. Her depression improved and her pain diminished. She also wasn’t dropping things as much.

Up and Down, then Finally UP!

 Over the next three years she continued with an up and down course, partly because of other medical conditions—asthma, allergies, insomnia, migraines and adrenal fatigue. Three months ago we decided to try Jin Shin Jyutsu, an ancient energy art from Japan, similar to acupuncture but no needles. During each treatment, her husband learned where to place his hands so he could give treatments at home.

Since the three treatments in the office and 3 to 4 treatments each week at home, her energy level and vigor for life have improved to a new level.

We as human beings are both a physical and energetic body. There are 12 well designated flows that occur throughout the body over every 24 hour period, healing and cleansing our organs and body. There are hundreds of other flows that circulate in various places in the body. Injury, emotional trauma, toxins and poor nutrition can block the energy flows.

The hands act like jumper cables in this art, permitting the energy to overcome blockages and permit healing to take place. Clearing these energy flow lines can help everybody with their health issues, and offers an excellent option for all who have vague or difficult to diagnose and treat issues. Fibromyalgia is caused by many, many different possible sources. It always has “a” cause or trigger, but is often the result of multiple issues over many years. Jin Shin Juytsu is one of many treatment options.

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Two Speaking Engagements Coming Up

Dear Healthy Thinkers,

Many of you have asked where to catch me speaking live about health issues, and two are coming up in the near future.  I’d love to meet you in person!

1.  On Saturday, September 27, I’ll be speaking about two topics: Energy Medicine, and Vaccines, at the Healing Energy Conference at Utah Valley University, and here’s the link:

2.  On Thursday, October 2, I’ll be speaking for the Health and Wellness Meetup group at the ASEA production facility meeting room, 601 W 700 S in Pleasant Grove at 7:00 p.m.  Topic is: The Habits of Highly Healthy Humans.

To reserve a seat, contact Scott at  Seating is limited, but attendance is free 🙂

Hope to catch you at one or both of these events!

To your dynamic health and energy!

Dr. Stan

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Essential Oils

Because you are so good with alternative methods of healing and natural medicines you are also probably familiar with essential oils and some of the great things they can do. I want to inform you of a company dedicated to producing the purest, highest grade essential oil available. I am so impressed with them and the things they do to make me feel more alive.

Essential oils are a great way to get specific frequencies into your body. It is at the energy level that healing takes place, and that stimulates the body to heal itself.

The negative energies from diseased tissue can also be improved with the frequencies of these oils. I have looked at the 3 companies making them, and you have chosen a fine company to work with.

Many people approach me with great products they have available that use healthy ingredients and are beneficial.  I have looked at all of them, and I applaud those of you who are working in helping people become more healthy.  As I look at ingredients and evaluate what I do in my treatment and care of patients, I make sure that I am incorporating everything available to help people feel better.  Usually my protocol of treatment includes the same elements as are available in these products.  I can often obtain them from sources that are only available to physicians.  Occasionally I find a product that I am not currently using, and would like to incorporate in the future. Essential oils fall into this category.

Eventually this website will include all aspects of healthy living, from organic, wonderful personal care products, to cleaning products, to essential oils, to all kinds of nutritional supplements.  I encourage each of you to explore healthy alternatives to drugs and surgery, based upon your own unique circumstances.

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Health Care: Innovative Systems

Forbes Magazine recently featured an interesting article by Clayton M. Christensen: How to Heal The Health Care System.  In it you will find some of the challenges of our ‘Sick Care System.’  Christensen quotes Brian Spear, author of Trends in Molecular Medicine: “modern medicine is still little more than a Continue reading Health Care: Innovative Systems

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Welcome to Dynamic Health and Energy

Since beginning my practice of alternative medicine, I’ve encountered questions that range from very simple to very complex in their answers; for example: