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What to do with High Iron Levels?

I just received lab work back and found that my iron and carotene levels were high. I take neither of them in a supplement. How do you suggest lowering the levels and what side effects results from them being high?

High iron levels are a catalyst for free radical (oxidation) damage in the body.  Free radicals are at the core of all degenerative diseases-arthritis, diabetes, headache, heart disease, cancer… The ferritin level should be below 80. The best way to get it down is by donating blood. Because the agencies do not accept everyone’s blood, some have to have a lab remove it. The lab needs a prescription for a therapeutic phlebotomy (not lobotomy)-they will just throw the blood away.

High carotene levels are of no medical risk or consequence. If they are high enough, they will cause the skin to look yellow (but the white of the eyes do not yellow like in jaundice). High carotene levels usually come from carrots.

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Cell Phone Usage and Sperm Counts

Dr. Agarwal of Cleveland Clinic recently completed a preliminary study with 32 men whose semen was exposed to cell phone discharges (850 MHz) at a distance of 2.5 centimeters (the average distance of cell phone in a pocket and a mans gonads). The cell phone was placed on talk mode (as in someone talking with an earpiece) for one hour. A decrease in sperm Continue reading Cell Phone Usage and Sperm Counts

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Plavix, Blood Clotting and Healthy Options

Wall Street Journal

December 31, 2008

FDA Considers Updating Plavix Label

Three new studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and Lancet demonstrate several dilemmas in Plavix medication use:

1. What is the percentage of people taking Plavix (a medication that reduces the ability of platelets to aggregate, initiating the clotting process) who are still at risk of Continue reading Plavix, Blood Clotting and Healthy Options