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Inflammation All Over

I suffer from inflammation all over my body. I have inflammation problem in my sinuses, intestines, bladder and muscles. I have seen several specialists and all I hear is “inflammation”. I’m sent away with another pill. I don’t want to take pills, I want to find out what is causing this inflammation and try to fix it. I feel like there’s something I’m taking in that’s causing it. How do I figure out what’s causing this?

If you have pain anywhere, there is inflammation at that site.  The inflammation may or may not have caused it, but it is certainly a part of any ongoing pain.

The cause has to be identified and removed or improved.

Conventional medicine uses anti-inflammatories, which often hurt the stomach and even interfere with joint repair.  Safer anti-inflammatories include MSM and a number of herbals:

  • Boswellia,
  • curcumin,
  • quercetin (all of which are found in a product on my website called Primivia Relief, as is MSM).

The potential causes of generalized inflammation may be one or many–viruses (mycoplasma, c. pneumonia), toxic metals, food or other allergies, hormone dysregulation (as you probably know, I look at the numbers of thyroid hormone levels differently than conventional medicine).  There are intravenous treatments that are able to suppress the oxidative stress (free radicals causing inflammation).  If the simple things don’t work, you will need to see an integrative medicine (alternative, complementary) practitioner who understands these issues.  I have a number of tricks up my sleeve that can help with this one.

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What is your opinion on Inhaled Glutathione for COPD. I know several people with copd. I also know a lady that is on inhaled glutathione and is doing MUCH better. Yet the others seem reluctant to find a Dr. to try it.

Glutathione is an excellent anti-oxidant. It gets broken down in the stomach, so there is very little absorption of the molecule into the bloodstream and subsequently into the body when taken orally. The most common ways to get this into the body are through the skin or intravenous administration.

Glutathione can also be absorbed in its complete state through inhalation. The advantage is it gets directly into the inflamed tissue that is under oxidative stress. Oxidative stress (free radicals having a party) is present in all degenerative conditions, including the respiratory diseases of:

  • COPD,
  • pneumonia,
  • asthma,
  • emphysema.

This could be administered as a nebulizer to be run through much of the night in the room, or through a mask.  You will need to locate a physician familiar with the procedure.