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Help for Pain, Inflammation and Headaches

Everyone is familiar with pain.  Most pain is caused by inflammation.  Most of the inflammation comes from tissue damage that may occur from many different exposures.  We have all felt the pain from sunburn, or putting our hand on a hot burner, or holding ice cubes.
We’re also very familiar with the pain caused by Continue reading Help for Pain, Inflammation and Headaches

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The Supplemental Facts About Nutrition

Update (July 15, 2008, 7:24pm):  I have negotiated with a supplement company to provide some basic supplements that I recommend in this article.  You can access it via my supplements page.

I have been going through your emails and comments and thoroughly enjoying your thoughts, questions and recipes. Please forgive me if it takes a while to get through them all. I want to pay careful attention to what you are telling me, and give you my best in my responses.

If you didn’t get the memo with my first article on Habits of Highly Healthy Humans, I asked you to please share your healthy recipes. Boy, have you been great with creative, healthy recipe ideas! Thanks so much. Please keep them coming.

I personally believe that one of the main reasons people struggle with their food choices is they simply don’t know what else to prepare. When you provide us with simple, nutritious, economical and delicious recipes, as you have so graciously done, you benefit everyone. Continue reading The Supplemental Facts About Nutrition