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High Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

I recently had a blood test and found my cholesterol level was 272, HDL 44 and LDL 183.  Should I be on medication? How serious is this?

What you have brought up is a major issue that is widely misunderstood.

There is no scientific correlation between total cholesterol level and heart disease. Total cholesterol levels in the 300s and above still have no correlation with heart disease. A good study done on elderly women demonstrated that levels of 272 (how coincidental is that?) imparted the longest longevity, inferring those levels were the most healthy.

Statin medications do reduce cholesterol levels, and (in a very minimal way) reduce heart disease, but not because of the reduction in cholesterol levels. It is because statins are antioxidants, albeit expensive antioxidants.

The statin medications also interfere with the production of energy in the body, which is why people on statins typically become fatigued after a few months on the medication. The muscle pain is related to the production of insufficient energy production, and the deaths associated with statins are related to muscle breakdown leading to kidney failure when the muscle proteins are excreted out the urine. You should not be on statin medications.  Talk with your physician or get one who understands how our body energy, cholesterol, statins, and inflammation are interconnected.

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Prostate Issues and Herbal Treatments

Thank you for your wisdom and insight regarding so many health issues. Recently you ran an article regarding prostate issues, and listed an herb tea that would benefit the PSAT level. Please remind me the exact herb again. Thank you.

There are 3 herbs that are effective with prostate issues. These include Continue reading Prostate Issues and Herbal Treatments

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B Vitamins and Urine Color

So, are you saying that if we take the B vitamins and excrete that fluorescent urine, that it means we are excreting something that needs to be excreted? And that at some point it will turn back to the typical straw color?

Riboflavin, vitamin B2, is the vitamin that imparts a fluorescent color to the urine. The chemical structure of the vitamin in supplements is the same Continue reading B Vitamins and Urine Color

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Supplements and Changes in Urine

I recommended to a friend that she take your vitamins. After a week, she says she is feeling better, but has extremely yellow urine. Is that an overabundance of B vitamins being excreted, or could the vitamins be starting to eliminate other toxins or harmful substances from the body which are yellow in color?

Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is the vitamin that imparts the fluorescent yellow to urine. This means the body Continue reading Supplements and Changes in Urine