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Two Speaking Engagements Coming Up

Dear Healthy Thinkers,

Many of you have asked where to catch me speaking live about health issues, and two are coming up in the near future.  I’d love to meet you in person!

1.  On Saturday, September 27, I’ll be speaking about two topics: Energy Medicine, and Vaccines, at the Healing Energy Conference at Utah Valley University, and here’s the link:

2.  On Thursday, October 2, I’ll be speaking for the Health and Wellness Meetup group at the ASEA production facility meeting room, 601 W 700 S in Pleasant Grove at 7:00 p.m.  Topic is: The Habits of Highly Healthy Humans.

To reserve a seat, contact Scott at  Seating is limited, but attendance is free 🙂

Hope to catch you at one or both of these events!

To your dynamic health and energy!

Dr. Stan

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Options for Vaccine Reactions

Dear Dr. Gardner,

Against my better judgment, (I was in tears) I allowed my pediatrician to bully me into giving my 17 month old daughter both flu shots (seasonal and swine), plus 5 others. This was 2 weeks ago. My husband is a physician and supportive of vaccinations, so it is hard for me to know what is best.

However, now, my baby is experiencing physical and behavioral changes that I cannot attribute to anything else. I’m so worried that I have done something to harm her. Is there anything I can do for her? Is it too late?

She has always been a pleasant baby. Now she has been having terrible angry fits and tantrums, hitting, screaming, giving me dirty looks, walking off and acting like she can’t hear me when I call her name–none of this was going on at the beginning of this month. Her bowel habits have also changed.

Is there anything you can recommend for such a young child to help get all those harmful toxins out of her system?

Thank you

You have just placed into words some of my concerns about vaccinations. I hope to be sensitive to your situation and that of many parents, and yet be Continue reading Options for Vaccine Reactions

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Swine Flu Vaccines and Immune Deficiencies

I have a 7-year-old son with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD). I am concerned about the swine flu, as he usually gets seasonal flu with pain, fever and sore throat. Should he get the swine flu vaccine?

G6PD is the most common enzyme deficiency in the world. As you know, when he is exposed to certain drugs or infections, he can develop Continue reading Swine Flu Vaccines and Immune Deficiencies

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My Position on Immunizations

What is your position on immunizing children? Are there any that you advocate and on the flip side any you oppose? (excluding flu vaccine)

Stating my opinion on immunizations for children, and especially the recent swine flu vaccine, has given me the most Continue reading My Position on Immunizations

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More on Vaccines

“Give Yourself a Boost,” says the Wall Street Journal.  The popular newspaper suggests in a recent article that

“Beyond Flu Shots, Many Adults Forgo Vaccines That Could Prevent Potentially Lethal Illnesses.”

Many adults are behind on their shots, as recommended by the CDC, says the article. These include Continue reading More on Vaccines

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Swine Flu Vaccines and Your Job

It’s a Jab or Your Job

Mandatory flu-vaccination policies are forcing health-care workers to get the shot—or get axed

Time Magazine reports that In the Winthrop Hospital in New York, there are signs everywhere informing all employees that they must Continue reading Swine Flu Vaccines and Your Job

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Vaccines and HIV

The Wall Street Journal reports that a combination vaccine has been shown to reduce HIV infection by 31%, the first major breakthrough in AIDS management in years. This means, that of the 135 volunteers that contracted HIV, 74 did not receive the vaccine, and 51 did receive the vaccine. The vaccinated volunteers who contracted HIV had the same Continue reading Vaccines and HIV

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Concerned About Swine Flu? Read This, and There’s More to Come

In the recent Wall Street Journal article, “Swine Flu Remains Mild as Vaccine Advances,” reporters stated results from a CDC study, showing that most of the U.S. children who had died as a result of the swine flu had pre-existing conditions.

The H1N1 swine flu virus continues to ‘sicken’ people world-wide, but is not becoming more virulent (more deadly). Of the 209,438 people that have confirmed swine flu, 2,185 have died. A number of pharmaceutical companies are preparing vaccines against this specific H1N1 flu virus.

Dr. Gardner’s comments: Although the H1N1 swine flu is getting a lot of media attention, Continue reading Concerned About Swine Flu? Read This, and There’s More to Come