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Update – October 25, 2009:  Dr. Gardner will be answering questions of general interest.  Due to the volume of questions received he is no longer able to answer each question specifically.  Please submit any questions you have on the contact page and look for answers on the website.

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  1. How safe are the countertop ovens that use infrared, conduction, and convection to cook the food?

  2. Bonnie, The infrared (and especially far infrared) frequencies are healthy and healing. They are safe, and should not destroy enzymes, immunoglobulins (antibodies) like microwave ovens do. I don’t think the jury is out on microwave ovens, yet. Conduction and convection ovens are the basic baking ovens that have been around for years, and have no reported dangers from radiation.

  3. Is theata healing ok to use with LDS beliefs and is it worth looking into or useful?

  4. Theta healing, by most accounts, incorporates emotional release through entrainment, which is the utilization of certain brain waves to facilitate healing. Although I have not personally every used theta healing, the principles of emotional release through entrainment are based on solid scientific principles and have proven to be quite successful. If you decide that this is the course you should take, choose your practitioner carefully. Please let me know your results.

  5. What is the best way to wean yourself off of sugar, which is my greatest downfall?

  6. Jill,
    Addiction is addiction, whether it’s to drugs, caffeine, sugar, gambling,…the list goes on. Some people have found that they can use sweeteners like xylitol and stevia to fulfill their sweet taste cravings until they are able to wean off of the flavor of sweeteners. Fruits are really the only things that should be providing you with sweet flavor. Initially they aren’t going to taste all that sweet, because sugar is considerably sweeter, but when the sweetness of fruits is better than the sweetness of sugar, you will know you have conquered your weakness. Best of luck, and please keep me posted.

  7. What is the best treatment when your adrenal glands seem to be not functioning correctly?

    Also what is your advice for using a cpap machine if you don’t have sleep apnea, but your respiratory distress index was 9.8.

    I also read your article Gerd, which they said I had as well. How does one take themselves off the meds and start with the supplements. Because don’t all those meds coat your stomach so you don’t absorb alot of stuff you eat or take? I need some help.


  8. There has been much information spread over the internet recentlay of the value of the health benefits of Siberian Chaga. Is it fact or hype?

  9. I have high cholesterol and the medicines prescribed are beginning to cause side effects. Basically, muscle ache. Are there natural foods to take to help lower the bad and raise the good cholesterol?
    Also, where can I get a good low fat diet plan. I am diabetic and that is well under control, but I can’t seem to loose weight, no matter what I do. I am 5 foot and 150 lbs. And I will be 67 next month.
    Thanks for any help on either problem. Sara

  10. I recently had an ultrasound because of pain under my ribs (right side) The test showed I had a 2 cm gallstone. The doctor assumed I would want my gallbladder removed. I was appalled to think this might be the first option presented. I have been seeing an acupunturist who also has expertise in Chinese herbal medicine for 2 months now. I have also been extremely careful about what I eat, concentrating on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and soy products. Almost vegan but with occasional animal/animal products. I have seen no severe flair ups but also no complete relief either. My question: How long should I give this treatment method a chance to work? Is there some other alternative medicine I could try? My doctor said trying a “olive oil flush” would probably not be effective due to the size of the stone.

  11. My mom just sent me a link to one of your articles on acid reflux. I am not 100% as to what my situation is, but the way I understand it personally is excessive production of stomach acid. My symptoms seem to differ from what you described for acid reflux. I currently use Nexium, and if I take my Nexium at least once every other day I have no symptoms. This has been the case when the issue started while I was a junior in high school. 1) When I do not take my medication for several days, symptoms only really show up when I am running on an empty stomach. 2) The pain is not near my midline, but rather in my stomach iteslf (lower stomach, about 4 inches above the groinal area). 3) Contrary to what you described for acid refulx, I have the fewest symptoms when I am full. 4) Before I was put on medication, I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with esophogitis, which I am assuming has gone away since then.
    I am curious if you would still suggest the same treatment for me if I want to get off of Nexium that you would recommend to people with more classic acid reflux.

  12. What is an alternative to high blood pressure medication. I have tried 3 types and have gotten nearly all the symptoms on all of them. I think I am worse on any medication than off them, but is there a natural supplement that will help keep HBP down besides exercise, deep breathing and watching sodium intake? I have been hearing about soy isoflavones and wondered about that.

  13. I would like to know how to obtain a pH transmitter to check the acid in my stomach and/or the enzymes produced by the pancreas. And are there specific types or brands of supplemental HCl or enzymes that are better than others? Thank you very much.

  14. Thank you. Thank you.

    Medicine has it’s place, however we need to return to days of yore with whole foods and boosting the immune system. Before my husband became a Doctor of Chirpractics, we too were sucked into the medical mayhem. I am sure we did our children ( now grown adults) a dis-service by relying on medication that disrupted the delicate balance of their bodys.

    We now live a pro-active life and help our children do the same.

    It saddens me to see patients in our office who are in their 40’s or 50’s and their medical doctor has them taking 30, 40, even 50 prescriptions a month.

    It breaks my heart as I work with children in the school system and learn that they also are heavily medicated. Some times these children are taking 5,6, 7 different medications. And they are only 10 years old!!

    I hope to see more articles like the one you have written, in Meridian Magazine.


  15. In your advice on acid reflux, you mention “take vitanin e oil” to coat the esophogus. Do you take it at night? Were do you find vitamin e oil? Is it the capsule that you just puncture and drink the oil contained or can you actually buy the oil in a bottle. And how much do you take?

  16. what do you think of reiki therapy, how about Ro- hun therapy these are the alternative therapy that have truely interested me for a couple years im not sure if they are ok to get into being an lds im scared to get into something that might not be right. what do you think?

  17. My husband was just diagnosed with aortic stenosis following an echocardiagram, and has an appointment with a cardiologist in a week. Since the aorta opening is now the size of a dime, surgery will probably be recommended. Since this is considered critical requiring immediate action, what are his alternative treatment options according to your protocol? Thank you. (Dr. Gardner, we were technical directors of the YPM’s in Nauvoo when 3 of your sons were there and we know Josh and Melody very well! We did meet you there on your way to your new practice and on Josh’s wedding day.)
    Sincerely, Shannon Martindale

  18. Alternative medicine is the future. All of us are sick because of what our mothers and fathers thought was “Good for us” We learn, and we rise above the normal.You have a vegetable page that shows the relationship between vegetables and different parts of the body. Please send this information to my E-Mail address. Very Interesting!!! Thank You, Dixie

  19. Dr. Gardner, I was stationed at Camp LeJeune NC in the USMC. I lost two daughters at birth from anecephaly and intestinal pneuminitis and have also been afflicted with kidney, lung and nerve diseases to name a few. I have recently found out that the water supply for the base was poisoned with TCE, PCE, toulene, lead, and several other VOC’s. Is there a link between the toxic substances and the deaths of my daughters and my illnesses? I lived on base from 1979 to 1982. The wells were contaminated from 1957 to 1987 when they were turned off. The ATSDR found that the levels were at their highest during my tour. I have alot of information on the levels and the contamination if you are interested in this. I would be happy to forward this information to you.
    Thank you again for your assistance.

  20. What is your opinion of pure gelatin for the bones?

  21. Dr Gardner,
    I have all of the symptoms like you have described in your allergy article. I have very high allergies to airbornes and foods so I rotate foods. I have started feeling some of the autoimune problems with muscles and mialin sheathing. I have been tested for allergies. I feel so bad with these symptoms most of the time I am afraid to start shots. Antihistomines really helped, but they made my Leaky gut get worse. I am really sensitive to sugar, carbohydrates and yeast. Protiens really make me react with high heart beat and stomach throbbing. How should I go about recovering from this? I have been getting worse for almost 2 years now. I cannot find a doctor that really understands what is going on. How can I stop the autoimune reactions?


  22. What is the best alternative to surgery for an inguinal hernia?

  23. Dave, An inguinal hernia is an anatomic problem, with an opening into the inguinal canal that is too large and may permit bowel to get trapped and cause major problems. This requires a surgical correction–this is the area where traditional medicine shines–in surgery and acute care.

  24. Glen, Your description of your symptoms does not lend itself to an easy solution. You will require a complete program of supplements targeted to the results of laboratory tests. You may have to go a distance to find someone who has the expertise to help you, including spending a few days there in treatment. Check the ACAM website, the ICIM website, the AAEM website for practitioners nearest you. I practice in Cleveland at Preventive Medicine Group.

  25. LaVelle, My study of bone physiology and substances that improve bone strength and flexibility have not brought me in contact with gelatin as important for bone repair or building. As you know, gelatin comes from bones, but I am not aware it is needed for the bone health. If you have some information, I’m always open for new ideas.

  26. Andrew, You have certainly identified potential outcomes from exposure to toxic chemicals–especially in utero. This is why we all need to be so careful (as much as possible) to reduce all toxic exposures. Thank you for opening readers eyes to these possibilities. I hope you can make the right contacts to get this resolved. Keep me posted.

  27. Shannon, Aortic stenosis is a surgical problem, and is not amenable to alternative medicine. Choose an experienced cardiac surgeon in your area. We have the best cardiac surgery (when appropriately done) in the world in the United States. Let us know how you are doing.

  28. Estela, I am familiar with reiki therapy, and have no problems with using energy in healing. (I do it all the time with Jin Shin Jyutsu.) Ro-hun therapy is outside my realm of direct experience, and cannot comment. As with any therapy, I tell my patients to gather as much information as they can, then listen to their hearts as they determine what is best for them and their bodies.

  29. Sara, In our office we have a vitamin E oil that is not refined, and therefore not as expensive as regular Vitamin E. We prescribe 1/2 to 1 teaspoon 3-4 times per day in order to coat the esophagus and stomach, to protect those surfaces from the effects of the stomach acid. The refined Vitamin E oil in gel caps would do the same, but would be expensive. I am not aware that this form of the oil is available except through doctors offices.

  30. Jilene, The Heidelberg unit costs almost $20,000 dollars, which includes the pH transmitters and electronic equipment to run the test. Once it is decided that you should try gastric acid stimulants or pancreatic enzymes (whether by science with the machine or by ‘guessing’, Betaine HCl is the brand we use to stimulate gastric acid secretions. There are many good products that contain the pancreatic enzymes-lipases, proteases, amylases, etc., and can be found in health food stores.

  31. Peggy, To understand high blood pressure, you need to read the hypertension chapter in the book Malignant Medical Myths, which is a scientific treatise the facts behind when to treat hypertension, and the risks of treating with medications. The short version is that there is no evidence, based on the Framingham study, to treat blood pressures until it reaches at least 180/90 or higher. The risk of cardiac events does not increase until that level or higher is reached. If the blood pressure is that high, or if it is lower but my patient wants more ‘blood pressure’ protection, I add therapeutic doses of magnesium (in the 800-1000 mg/day range), which acts as a calcium channel blocker, CoQ10 (200-400 mg/day) to improve energy production, and hawthorne berry, which is an herbal that acts as a vasodilator. The aggressive use of anti-hypertensives may deprive certain organs of adequate blood supply to function optimally, which is the reason for the higher blood pressure. Especially the elderly, with less elasticity in the blood vessels, lower blood pressures may not be desirable.

  32. Jonathan, We wish there was more science in all that we do in medicine. The only hard science you present is esophagitis seen on endoscopy. This is due to stomach acid refluxing into the esophagus because the gastroesophageal sphincter is not tight enough to stop the reflux from occurring. It may or may not be due to too much or too little stomach acid. That test was not done, so we all guess or try different things. Nexium is the first line trial in standard medicine, without typically mentioning that it will interfere with digestion of food, as there may be too little acid to accomplish one of the tasks of the stomach-enzymatic breakdown of certain proteins so they can be absorbed later on in the digestive tract. Two treatment ideas need to be addressed: 1) how can we get the sphincter to tighten so reflux does not occur? 2) how can we be more certain of a correct diagnosis? The solution to both of these questions usually lies in getting you healthy-clean up the diet if it needs cleaning up (eat real food and not junk), including decreasing carbohydrates or proteins, as many people with acid reflux symptoms improve with that adjustment; taking a high quality multivitamin with omega 3 and 6 oils as a minimum. Keep me posted on what you try and how your symptoms are doing.

  33. Sara, I assume the cholesterol-lowering drugs you are on are statins, which I take people off of the first time they come into my office. They cause CoQ10 levels to drop, which is the major step in energy production in the body–hence the muscle aches. (If you are on Zocor, it might be offering you heart protection through some unknown mechanism–not cholesterol lowering–so I would not discontinue it.) You need to understand that there is no relationship of cholesterol levels to heart disease–higher cholesterol levels do not cause more heart disease. One-half of all heart attacks occur in people with cholesterol levels less than 200. Read The Cholesterol Myth by Dr. Ravnskov, if you want a complete treatise on the subject. There are natural products that drop cholesterol levels, if you so disire. Red yeast rice, niacin, guggolipid, and garlic (to a limited extent) are only a few of them. As far as your diabetes is concerned, you should already be on a low-carbohydrate diet–if you have insulin resistance (that is, an insulin greater than 5 while fasting) then more carbohydrate restriction is needed. If you are on a low fat and low carbohydrate diet, the only thing you can eat is protein, which is not healthy. Check an insulin level and glucose at the same time, and get back with me on the result so we can design a program for you.

  34. Gordon, Siberian Chaga has some good scientific research, and has a scientific explanation for its effectiveness–strong anti-oxidant capabilities. I have never used it, but it sounds good on a limited internet search.

  35. My brothers and I suffer from anxiety and depression. My younger brother (42) was recently tested for testosterone levels and found them to be below 100. He is now on monthly testosterone shots and doing much better. I am 44, on Effexor and do fairly well but my testosterone level is a bit higher at 372. Would I benefit from the shots as well? Is 372 low?

  36. Quin, Your level of 372 is normal. I like to see male levels at least 250. Be sure your B vitamins are in good shape, as they are very helpful for the brain, as are essential fatty oils–omega 3 and 6. After you have been on a B-50 or B-100 complex for several months and there is still no improvement, you may want to find a physician who will order neurotransmitter levels though Sanesco or Neuroscience and treat you accordingly. Also, your thyroid must be evaluated.

  37. I recently had an ultrasound because of pain under my ribs (right side) The test showed I had a 2 cm gallstone. The doctor assumed I would want my gallbladder removed. I was appalled to think this might be the first option presented. I have been seeing an acupunturist who also has expertise in Chinese herbal medicine for 2 months now. I have also been extremely careful about what I eat, concentrating on eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and soy products. Almost vegan but with occasional animal/animal products. I have seen no severe flair ups but also no complete relief either. My question: How long should I give this treatment method a chance to work? Is there some other alternative medicine I could try? My doctor said trying a “olive oil flush” would probably not be effective due to the size of the stone.

  38. Linda, A 2 cm stone is about 1 inch in diameter, and is too big to pass through the bile duct and subsequent common bile duct to be passed to the intestinal tract. The purpose of the liver/gall bladder/olive oil flush is to empty the gallbladder of ‘sludge’ or very small stones in the gall bladder. Although I have never tried this recommendation in the office, may I suggest two products: 1) phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) 100 mg three times per day. This should prevent the formation of future stones. 2) peppermint oil (? dosage). This has the capability of breaking down the stone. I would try this for 6-12 months (or indefinitely if you have no significant symptoms). With the gall bladder removed, you no longer can concentrate bile, which is important in the digestion of fats that are ingested. Keep the gall bladder if at all possible.

  39. My Husband suffers from headaches, we think part of them are from the barometric pressure. Is there anything we can do. He has had headaches his whole life 24/7 and the winters are the worst. Is there anything that can be done. The doctors say nothing can be done for barometric pressure headaches.

  40. Dr. Gardner,

    I have had Osteoporosis for about 5 years. I am 52 year old female with small bones and at 5 ft. tall, I usually weigh under 100lbs. I took steroid medications for my asthma and allergies for over 35 years. I stopped the Fosomax medication 2 years ago but my dexascan shows that my osteoporosis is worse. I have had vertebra fractures. I am a vegetarian, take magnesium/calcium twice daily, b vit. omega 3, probiotics, new greens, protein shakes, and now strontium. I exercise daily. What else can I do?

  41. what is your opinion of Xagava (natural sweetner) to be used as a sugar substitute?

  42. Dr. Gardner,
    After suffering from constant migraine, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, and neck, back, and shoulder pain, I was diagnosed as experiencing complicated migraine, probably as the result of periodic limb movement disorder. The EEG, EMG and about 18 different blood tests all came back with normal results. The sleep study however, showed I was waking up about 21 times an hour…therefore only getting about 2.5 hours of sleep in an 8 hour period. I have been taking Levoxyl for the past ten years for Hpothyroid. The neurologist prescribed Ropinirole for the PLMD and Amitriptyline for the nerve pain and headache. The headache is finally gone…along with the neck and shoulder pain and I am getting more sleep…but it is drug induced and I wake up feeling drugged. Obviously we are just treating the symptoms, but I asked about the cause, I just get patted on the head and told these things just happen. I don’t want to take these drugs anymore, but I’m told I can’t just quit cold turkey without risking other problems. Where can I go from here?

  43. Toni, Osteoporosis can generally be treated with all the appropriate nutrients. You will need to add a potent multivitamin that includes boron to your present regimen. Magnesium-600mg/day, Strontium-1000 or more mg/day, silicon, Vitamin K2 or MK-7, vitamin D-400-2000/day (depending on where you live) needs to be added to your plan. Stay away from Fosamax, as it interferes with bone repair. If you are on the above nutrient regimen, don’t worry about the dexascan score, because the bone matrix will be strong, even though the scan may not show it.

  44. J Smith, I’m not sure what xagava is, but if you mean gava juice, it is better than refined sugars.

  45. Esther, Kari, Headaches usually have many causes, but one that is more obvious that is the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’. If the other more subtle causes are addressed, then the more obvious, like barometric pressure (or hormones, or food, or…) may not trigger it. Look at neck massage therapy, energy work, chiropractic, food allergies, and the list goes on. See the migraine headache article in the Archives for more suggestions.

  46. What is your opinion regarding synthetic vitamins ( which constitute most of the vitamins in the market-place)and natural food-based vitamins?

  47. I have managed to over come Septic Arthritis but now an dealing with Eczema on my face and spreading. What is your healing suggestion?

  48. Hi, I have been migraine free for a few years. I don’t know if it is related, I’ve been taking Lisonopril/HCTZ 20-25mg for high BP. I stopped a month ago when a chinese DR. said my bp is ok at 130’s over 80 or 90. He gave me a few things to try, now a month later my migraines are back and worse –I cannot take any of the triptans (they make my pain WORSE than the migraine, My head feels paralysed) so naproxen is my friend and helps avoid the migraines. Today at work I felt a migraine starting and was only 4 hrs into the naproxen and I went to get my bp checked(just a hunch) it was 169/92.

  49. I wondered where to find the answer to the #9 question about cholesterol?
    My cholesterol has gone up to 260. What should I avoid and what should I add to my diet and life style to get my stats down to safe levels without going on perscription drugs? In the pass, it usually stayed around 220 but I have gained 10 pounds and probably eaten more meat than I usually do. I jog 5 times per week. What about taking red yeast rice or other herbs, or taking niacin and garlic??
    Thank you, Co Willie

  50. Alfred, Food-based vitamins make more sense to me, mainly because they will maintain the inherent energy the plant has to offer. Unfortunately, if everyone went to the food-based vitamins, there would be a shortage, as the companies could not keep up with the demand. The other issue is that the research is done with the synthetic vitamins–thousands of studies support the efficacy of synthetic vitamins, and there is a dearth of research support for the food-based vitamins.

  51. Daniel, Eczema can be caused from many things. Try the following: increase omega-6 oils like borage or evening primrose oil (1 tablespoon/day); reduce pro-inflammatory intake like sugar, aspartame, caffeine, trans-fatty acids; avoid allergies, including food or chemicals; avoid soaps or detergents that might be triggers. Let me know how these work.

  52. Margot, The blood pressure of 162/92 does not increase your risk of stroke or heart attack, but if it is the cause of migraines in you, it must be lowered. Try CoQ10 200-400mg/day, magnesium 700-1000mg/day and hawthorne berry. Also try acupuncture or Jin Shin Jyutsu or other energy modalities to try to reduce your migraines. Look carefully at the headache article in the archives.

  53. Co Willie, The cholesterol-heart disease hypothesis is one of the biggest frauds on the American public, and is not based on any facts. Cholesterol does not cause heart disease! And lowering cholesterol does not improve your odds of getting heart disease. The statins are a multi-billion industry with significant side effects that you do not want in your life. Having said that, if you want to lower your cholesterol, red yeast rice (which acts like a weak statin) and niacin are the two products that are most effective. A number of other products you mention and not mentioned are less effective. Lower cholesterol levels lead to an earlier death that higher cholesterol levels. Your levels are find.

  54. A fib; it seems that more people get this disease as they get older. Is there a reason for this like changes in the body as we get older. Also, do you have any suggestions in treating this condition?

  55. Ray, Atrial fibrillation is an abnormality in the electrical conduction in the heart which causes the atrium to contract at such a fast rate that the ventricles don’t fill properly and blood conduction is not as strong as it should be. The more important problem is that the atrium have a greater chance of forming a clot with a subsequent break going to the brain (called a stroke) or to the lung (called a pulmonary embolus). Causes that we can correct are the following: 1) basic nutrient deficiences that can be corrected with a good diet and strong supplement program 2) energy deficiency that may be able to be corrected with CoQ10 200-400 mg per day, L-Carnitine 1000 mg per day, and Ribose or Authia (a special form of thiamine called TTFD) 3) mercury (which is an incredibly good conductor of electricity) gets into heart muscle and can be corrected with appropriate chelation. Sometimes, even when those three conditions are corrected, medications are needed to control the fibrillation, or even surgery (ablation). Instead of coumadin (which causes plaque formation inside blood vessels), we use nattokinase to decrease to chance of clotting. Let me know how it all turns out.

  56. Lately I have had a problem with palpitations and it concerns me. I was taking a Bios life to lower my cholesterol which it did, and
    also taking Evista and know both of these contain niacin which can cause papitations.
    I stopped both of these for 3 days now and haven’t had any
    palpitations. Is this a coincident and should I be concerned about the papitations.

  57. After total hysterectomy 2 yrs ago developed yeast infection. Taken lots of diflucan, probiotics, nystatin, pau darco and it keeps coming back. Do you have any suggestions.

  58. I was grateful for your recent advice concerning possible treatment for my gallstone. I picked up some peppermint oil as you suggested. Here is an anatomy question. The peppermint oil is in enteric -coated softgels. This is, of course, for better absorption in the intestines. The instructions also say to ingest the capsules 30 minutes to an hour before eating food. Does this mean the oil would not be processed by my gall bladder? Should I take the oil in a different form?

  59. I have barrett’s esophogus, cronic ulcerative colitis, and was also just diagnosed with Celiac Desease(my gluten antibodies count was 110). I have been gluten free for 2 weeks now but have not had any improvement. Some days the stomach pain is so bad, and I am confined to home because of colitis. I am taking Nexium daily, as well as Cymbalta, Ambian for sleep and Pravastatin for colesterol. Are the drugs making my problems worse? What nutrients do I need in order to regain my health? Some days I feel like I could actually die. It has been 6 months since my endoscopy where they found the precancerous cells in my esophogus. Does the nexium prevent the growth of these cells into cancer?It does not stop the pain. I am not due for another endoscopy until September 2009. Any information you could give me will be so much appreciated. Thank you.

  60. Two symptoms: do they mean anything? 1) One fingernail with a line down, 1/3 of the way across. It splits at the top, where I clip, and is really bothersome. 2) I’m bald and I have almost no eyebrows. Other bald men have eyebrows. Is that a symptom of anything? Thanks. I hate drugs, too. Looking forward to reading your site.

  61. I saw what you said about Splenda. Why don’t you like

  62. For several weeks, my son, age 17 almost 18, has been complaining of stomach pain before he eats and increased stomach pain after he eats. He is careful about what he eats. He does not eat sweets, candy or soda pop. I am wondering if his gall bladder is working as it should. We had a daughter who had to have hers removed at that age because it was deformed from birth, & she had suffered with stomach pain all her life. (Mom’s mistake in thinking she reacted to stress with stomach ache.) Is there something I can to to help him with this?

  63. Dr. Gardner,
    Thanks for your article on sugar. The effect from sugar that bothers me the most is hot flashes and night sweats, could this be an allergic reaction to sugar?

  64. Oh my gosh! I was suppose to see that article on sugar. I am so addicted to it. Could coming from a long line of alcoholics have anything to do with it (I don’t drink alcohol in any form)? I know I have this addiction but have never been able to conquer it. After reading your article it scared me as to what I am doing to my body. I am 67 and feel OK but do have issues with cholesterol and blood pressure. Are there classes for sugar addiction?

  65. Am having tremors in one hand daily. Mother had Parkinsons. So how do I know if this is early stage Parkinsons or just a harmless bother? No other symptoms. Yet. Am taking alpha liopic acid as per recommendation of an M.D. who is also naturopathic trained. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

  66. CJ, I assume the yeast infections are vaginal. The only medication that will help is diflucan, because all the other substances will target the GI tract. Some women have found success with a douche-to water add 1 tsp probiotic and 1 tsp vitamin C (4000 mg). Let me know how it works.

  67. Linda, The enteric-coated softgels will release the peppermint oil in the small intestines for absorption, which will permit the oil to be absorbed, concentrated in the bile in the gall bladder, and hopefully break down the stones. Take the oil in the present form and let me know (in months) how it did.

  68. Luena, Your gluten antibodies mean that your body has identified that protein as the enemy, and will cause a reaction every time the body ingests it. Stay away from all gluten. If gluten sensitivity (celiac disease) was your only problem, you would feel better by 2 weeks. Stop the Provastatin immediately, as it is interfering with energy production in your body, so healing cannot take place. Nexium does not stop the cells in your esophagus from becoming cancerous–it only decreases the amount of acid production in your stomach (which means it can no longer properly digest proteins). Chronic ulcerative colitis will require more assessment and treatment than can easily be done on the internet. You should find a physician in alternative medicine to make recommendations. The program that we will soon release may be a good start back to health, but it may also require more aggressive treatment options.

  69. Kerry, A splitting nail is a nuisance, catching on fibers. Probably there is damage in the nail bed that is causing it. The nutrients that strengthen fingernails are biotin and zinc, and thyroid hormone is also important for nail growth. Hair and nails both need biotin and zinc, so try that for your lack of eyebrows also. General lack of hair may be an autoimmune disorder, where the body attacks itself, in your case, hair. It’s unlikely that nutrients will correct either of these problems, but it is worth a try.

  70. Linda, Splenda has chlorine groups in it. Chlorine is a toxic substance that was used in WWI to kill the enemy soldiers in the trenches. It was found to be so effective at killing all living things, that chlorine is being added to our water to kill organisms. This is a toxic substance, whether it is in water or in Splenda.

  71. Joyce, Chronic stomach aches can be due to a multitude of challenges. Some things to try that may help–pancreatic enzymes with meals to help digest the food in case these enzymes are low; if he is low in gastric acid in the stomach, betaine may help; you may try a gluten-free diet, a mild-free diet, a hypoallergenic diet in case he is sensitive to other foods. All these things can be diagnosed by alternative medicine physicians. Keep me informed as to what happened.

  72. Andrtn, The sugar is probably triggering an inflammatory reaction that sets off the hot flashes and night sweats. This is mediated through the hypothalamus, which receives the sugar stimulus from the tongue and sets up the inflammatory reaction. It would be unlikely that this is an allergic reaction to sugar.

  73. Helen, There is a strong correlation with sugar addiction and alcohol addiction. Stay away from alcohol. If you are on a statin medication for your cholesterol, stop it immediately. I’m not aware of any sugar addiction classes, but the program that is forthcoming from this website may be the best thing for you.

  74. Gw, As you know, there are other signs and symptoms seen with full-blown Parkinson’s than just a hand tremor. Any neurologic condition needs to be treated with high dose B vitamins and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty oils. The mercury (a neurotoxin) must be removed from the teeth and chelated from the body if present. Anti-oxidants are also important, which is why your naturopath is using alpha-lipoic acid. In full Parkinson’s, we use IV glutathione and phosphatidyl choline 2 or 3 times a week with success.

  75. I have taken over 50 diflucan in the last year. This is the test results I just got from lab:Candida parapsilosis

    SUSCEPTIBILITY RESULTSCandida parapsilosis MIC (ug/mL) InterpretationAmphotericin B 0.25 No InterpretationFluconazole 0.25 Susceptible5-Fluorocytosine <=0.06 SusceptibleItraconazole <=0.016 SusceptibleMicafungin 0.06 SusceptibleAnidulafungin 0.25 SusceptibleVoriconazole <=0.008 SusceptibleCaspofungin 0.12 SusceptiblePosaconazole <=0.008 SusceptibleTesting performed at ARUP Laboratory.
    How much diflucan and for how long do you recommend

  76. Cloteal, The major problem with niacin is skin flushing because of the vasodilatory effects. However, it may also cause palpitations, probably because of the same mechanism. This should go away when the niacin is discontinued. Don’t be concerned about palpitations that disappear with the discontinuation of niacin.

  77. Could stopping certain medications trigger a bodies sudden urge for sweets? I have never been a sweet eater, yet last March I quit taking Topomax which I had taken for three years prior. Since then I have gained 60 lbs, eaten sweets like they were going out of style (which is not like me) and when I do eat them, my brain has a very distinct pain shortly after I eat. Most of the times it’s just above my right eye, but can radiate to just about anywhere in my head. It’s very distinct and only happens when I eat sugar. My doctor has since put me back on Topomax and I don’t have that craving any more, but when I do eat sweets, I still have that head…not ache, but sharp pain.

  78. Why is there a difference of opinion regarding Candida? My medical doc says there is no such thing. My naturopath says there is. How can I know for sure if I have it?

  79. I have emailed you earlier on yeast infections, really wonder what your advice is. I have changed my diet, taken meds, probiotics, just keeps coming back. Any ideas. What brand of probiotic would you recommend, vitamins etc. thanks

  80. A friend sent your info on sugar which I agree with. Long ago a doctor alerted me to the dangers of sugar substitues. Could you do an article on this, please.

  81. My sister has Mulitple System Atrophy. I understand the cause is not known and that it is terminal with no cure. Any comments?

  82. There seems to be disagreement in the medical profession. I would like your opinion. Ihad a total hysterectomy/ovaries removed at age 54. I uses .5 mg estradiol tablet and 20mg progesterone transdermal. Some say progesterone is good some say not necessary. What is your opinion on this?

  83. Dr., We were very interested in your comment in “Sugar, the Great ‘Food’ Deceiver” that sugar is as addictive as heroin. You mentioned the far-reaching effects of sugar, but could you expound on the comparison between the 2? We are very interested in this, because we have suspected this is so. Please e-mail us back. William/Elizabeth

  84. What is your opinion on the pros and cons of extended water fasting?

  85. CJ, Your candida susceptibility results indicate that diflucan should be effective against the subtype in your body. There is no limit to the amount, although your liver enzymes need to be followed, and if they rise because of the diflucan, you either need to support the liver with milk thistle, and perhaps alpha-lipoic acid; or discontinue use. Diflucan is the safest and least toxic of all the anti-fungals. The probiotics need to be in the 5-10 billion per day range. ThreeLac is the finest probiotic ‘plan’ I have seen for the difficult to treat bug. Of course, if the sugar, yeast and fruit (because it has too much sugar) is not eliminated from the diet, no amount of diflucan or probiotic will help. I always use progesterone in a patient that is on estrogen.

  86. Vanessa, You ask a fascinating question–can a medication trigger sugar cravings? Perhaps it can, if the medication is a sugar, as Topamax is. It is a derivative of a monosaccharide, a sugar. There is also sugar in the inactive ingredients list. Years of triggering those receptors in the brain may have caused the addiction–and solves the addiction when on the sugar medication. I will add this to my list of reasons of staying away medications and seeking alternative ways to treat dis-ease.

  87. Julie, Candida is present in all of us, and should not be a pathogen. However, when we take antibiotics (which is the usual trigger), it permits the normal yeast to ‘morph’ into an aggressive, toxic form. This form releases toxins which cause a myriad of symptoms. Traditional medicine does not recognize any of this, unless they can culture it in the bloodstream. Definitive diagnosis is made by an ELISA Candida test, not the typical antibody/antigen that is usually ordered and is negative 90% of the time when the ELISA is positive; and in my experience correlates with patient symptoms.

  88. Marion, Great idea to focus a whole article on sweeteners, positive and negative. Watch for it.

  89. Hello,
    My daughter-in-law is having trouble with impacted bowel and does not seem to be getting any relief from what ever the doctors are prescribing. Is there some natural alternative to help her?


  90. I have been off white sugar and desserts since last April but still crave them terribly. What can I do to eliminate the cravings? The smell of chocolate, especially brownies, still is so hard to resist. Also, I could not find your wife’s blog with the sugar free recipes. Thanks for your help


  91. Please notify me when your program becomes available. Thanks for all your info so far. It has been very helpful.

  92. Dr. Gardner: what supplement should I being taking to prevent another detached retina at 60yrs old and a otherwise healthy person???Thanks for your consideration….

  93. Do you have any “alternative” approaches to dealing with hot flashes?

  94. Please notify me when your no sugar program becomes available.

    I have been off sugar for 18 months. The first year I lost 25 lbs. without changing my other eating habits. I’m tempted occasionally but am always able to hop back on the no sugar bandwagon.

  95. Please add me to your list.
    Thank you

  96. Yes, please add me to your list. Thank you.

  97. Please notify me when your book is ready.

  98. I’m interested in more information about sugar and its effects.

  99. Is there a natural reason/remedy for “feeling the cold”? I’m not underweight, yet during the colder months, really feel the cold and am miserable. I am not alone in this, in a crowded room, some say the temperature is too hot, some say too cold. Why is this and is there anything that can help?

  100. Please add me to your list. Thank You

  101. Dr. Gardner:
    Could you please help us to locate the original study that you referred to connecting sugar and heroin addictions? I am studying to be an addiction counselor and most people in the field do not believe the 2 are similar. A good scientific study to show them would be put to good use. Do you have any way for someone to contact you other than e-mail?

    I’ve been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and several other of the things that affect people who are addicted to sugar.
    Even as I read your articles in Meridian Magazine I was chewing on some candy because I was trying to keep myself awake. I have so many allergies now that I am very limited in what I can even eat. I am also celiac.
    What kind of a person should I go to for help? A dietitian? A special kind of doctor? A health advisor in an exercise club?
    I want to change. I’ve tried. I’m 54 and want to serve a mission with my husband…but then I feel shame because if I really wanted it – wouldn’t I change?
    Please help.

  103. I would like to be notified as soon as your program becomes available. Thanks for being there! Nina

  104. Hello Dr. Gardner,

    My husband had prostate cancer 6 yrs. ago and had his prostate removed. His psa increased and he has just finished 36 radiation treatments. We are trying to improve his immune system. He is 63 yrs. old.
    I have been cooking with kamut, spelt, kasha. We are using salba and are using the blood type diet. We cut out beef and some processed foods. Are we going in the right direction?
    Thank you

  105. Ginger, Constipation is usually a product of two things: 1) stress, which triggers the sympathetic nervous system to slow down the large intestine and extract more water 2) eating garbage food (processed food with inadequate fiber and water). The natural solution I use is high doses of vitamin C, although high doses of magnesium will also do it. We call it taking vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Take 1 gram (1000 mg) of vitamin C every 15 minutes until diarrhea occurs (which is a great treatment of constipation). This may be as little as 5 grams or as much as 50 grams. The next day take a few grams less than this to maintain looser stools, but no diarrhea. Be sure she is taking adequate fiber, especially in the form of fruits, every day.

  106. Kay, Stay off the sugar, and eat fruit whenever the urge hits. Try gymnema and L-glutamine to see if they help with the cravings. Sweeteners maintain the sugar cravings, although don’t have the harmful effects of sugar. Never give up. It is possible to get rid of those cravings. Maybe you need to look at an evaluation of your neurotransmitters, especially serotonin. My wife’s blog site is

  107. Elaine, Great last name. We think hot flashes are related to a drop in estrogen levels at menopausal time. The ‘natural’ products include phytoestrogens, which have weak estrogenic activity. Some women have found success with these products-dong quai, black cohosh; or the progesterone-type found in wild yam. If this is inadequate to control the symptoms, I next recommend bio-identical progesterone, as it stimulates the estrogen receptors to be more sensitive to the limited estrogen in the body. If that is still not enough, then bio-identical estrogen will be necessary.

  108. Linda, Feeling ‘cold’ is usually related to 1 of 2 things: 1) diminished metabolism, for it is in the burning of nutrients that heat is generated (thyroid must be considered, as also deficient nutrients to permit the cells to perform their proper function) 2) poor energy circulation, which may be helped with Yoga, acupuncture, craniosacral, Jin Shin Jyutsu.

  109. Janet, You need to see an alternative medicine physician that is familiar with adrenal fatigue, food allergies, and probably leaky gut, and possibly candida infection. Typically, you need to be seen at the initial visit, but much of the follow-up can be done by phone. Try looking at the ACAM directory, ICIM in the east, AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine), for a physician nearest you.

  110. Maureen, As you know, cancer represents an endpoint of cell change that is difficult to reverse. You are definitely headed in the right direction by cooking ‘real’ food, and reducing processed food. In order to give the body the best chance for the immune system to do its job, all sugar must be eliminated (as it directly feeds cancer cells and encourages normal cells to morph into an abnormal direction), and processed food needs to be replaced with all real food. I would also consider adding immune boosters, like the mushrooms, beta-glucan, colostrum. After that, finding an alternative physician that does Vitamin C IV drips may be the next step.

  111. William, the initial report from which I took my information is discussed here:
    It has apparently been submitted to the Journal of Nutrition.

  112. What can be done for cold sores? I have a relative who has them regularly. Also, one of their children gets herpes sores, like cold sores, on his face and fingers. What can be done?

  113. Have you heard of phytoplanktin for helping cure Cancer and other diseases? My husband was just diagnosed with prostate cancer at 55. He is to have it removed in April. Any safe, proven things to do as an alteranative?

  114. Bonnie, About 90% of cold sores respond to Lysine, 500 to 2000 mg per day. If they recur on a regular basis, 500 mg per day every day will reduce or eliminate their emergence. Of course, if the child (or family) eats processed food (especially sugar), it will interfere with the immune system and may over ride the Lysine. Taking a daily multivitamin will also increase the likelihood of success with Lysine.

  115. Susan, As you know, prostate cancer is a slow growing cancer, and the majority of men with it will die of something else. Surgical removal, with or without radiation or chemotherapy, usually leaves men with irreversible erectile dysfunction. Alternative medicine physicians that deal with cancer are very aggressive with diet, supplements, building the immune system, and cancer killing mechanisms like high dose vitamin IV, HBO, insulin-potentiated chemotherapy. Phytoplankton could be added to the good list of helpful items, but I doubt it would help in isolation. This is a tough decision, but you do have time to evaluate it.

  116. About 7 months ago, I had a breaking out that the emergency room doctor identified as Shingles and prescribed Acyclovir. By the end of two weeks the sores were nearly all healed. By the way, I had them on both legs. I have been told this is impossible, but the ER doctor identified them as such. Just a few days after the sores were healed, my right leg became numb, and then proceeded to spread upwards until my entire body on the right side was effected except for my head. After about a week, the left leg became numb and then spread upward also. This went on for about 4 mos and then the numbness (tingling and mild pain) began to spread up both sides of my neck and head.
    I can’t seem to find any cure for this. My doctor and a second doctor both said they knew of nothing that can be done. The body just has to work fight it off.
    I refuse to take pain medication and keep myself busy to distract from the discomfort. Night time is the worst as it hurts where I touch the mattress, but still not bad enough to take pain meds.
    I eat a high fiber and fruit & veggie diet, with just chicken or salmon for meat. I don’t use any processed foods other than cold cereal 2 or 3 times a week.
    I take Vit B Complex, Mag 250,
    Vit C, Vit E, and Vit D3 as well as Folic Acid w/ DHA.
    Can you suggest anything I might do to get over this?

  117. Maxine, Your description of your symptoms are not consistent with classic shingles. If it were shingles, one frequency combination of the FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) works miracles for the pain/itching symptoms. Information about a practitioner near you with a machine can be found by getting on the website or calling Dr. Carolyn McMakin’s office in Vancouver, Washington. The machine also has other frequencies for nerve healing, and may be your best option for improving your symptoms.

  118. I just started to go to a chiro in my area who does muscle strength testing along with a lot of other alternative things, like NAT and laser. He says my adrenals are low & i have yeast and they are both emotionally based. What is your opinion on this?

  119. Is it safe to take probiotics while taking coumadin?

  120. I am trying to decide whether or not to use statin drugs. I am 54 with a family history of high cholesterol. My dad and brother had bypass surgery. My brother was just 49 when he had to have quintuple bypasses. My cholesterol was 286, and the LDLs were 200. Lipitor brought it way down, but using it made me feel 20 or more years older. I had muscle and joint aches, making it hard to maintain my 3 – 4 times at the YMCA per week. It gave me weird dreams, but even worse was the extreme fatigue. I felt exhausted no matter how much sleep I got. After work all I wanted to do was lay down. I simply lost the strength and motivation to do anything beyond what I absolutely had to do. I was too tired to go anywhere or see friends. My lack of interest in life was not good for my marriage. When I stopped the Lipitor I was my old self in a few days. All the symptoms were gone and my husband said that he got his wife back! I am now on Crestor – only 5 mg., but after 4 weeks I am starting to hurt and feel very tired. What can I do? I want to avoid heart problems AND have an enjoyable life!

  121. CJ, Since I am not sure how he came up with his conclusions, it is difficult to be definitive. Both of those diagnoses are common, especially in people with fatigue or chronic disease. Some of my patients seek recommendations from outside sources, which I encourage. Usually their suggestions do not conflict with mine, so the patient decides for themselves what to do with that information. As far as adrenals and yeast problems being emotionally based, some people maintain that all physical problems are emotionally based; for sure, we in the US underrecognize the tremendous impact that emotions have on our physical dis-ease.
    Cherie, Probiotics are safe to take with coumadin.

  122. Dr. Gardner,
    I had a pulmonary embolism 2 years ago and was subsequently diagnosed with factor 5 leiden heterozygous. I have been told that it would be very dangerous for me to have any hormone replacement when I enter menopause. Do you have any idea if bioidentical hormones react the same way with factor 5, or are they to be avoided too? What about just projesterone replacement-I have heard that it is mostly the estrogene that has been tested? How about herbal suppliments such as yam?

  123. Dr. Gardner,
    I am a 66 year-old woman who had a bilateral mastectomy in 1991. I have had night sweats, hot flashes, and very troubling “brain fog” since then. Because of certain circumstances, I must work full-time for at least 5 more years. Is it possible for me to take a chemically produced estrogen product to help with these symptons, or must I just live with it?

  124. I took premarin for a number of years and had breast cancer 12 years ago, hormone receptive. I also have low thyroid. I had a subtotal thyroidetomy 30 years ago. My uterus and ovaries have been removed. At the present time my thyroid is regulated but I have a problem trying to lose weight. is there anything I can do to help the night sweats and weight gain? I am 74 years old and worry about having a heart condition.

  125. Dr Gardner,

    I’m very interested in trying to find a natural way to combat depression brought on by hormonal fluctuations. I am a young mother, and have had post-partum depression twice, as well as major problems with mood and irritability during the 2nd half of my cycle. While I was pregnant with my 4th, I learned of the creighton model fertility system, and received progesterone injections a month after my baby was born. I did not experience PPD this time. But, now that she is 9 months old and I sense my body is getting ready to cycle again, I had some horrible mood swings/depression this month. Last time this happened, my dr put me on zoloft, which I took and it helped, but I hated the side effects. I don’t want to take it again, but I need to do something for the sake of my children. Would progesterone help for my cyclic mood problems? How would I get it/use it? I take B vitamins(12, 6, folate), fish/flax oil, magnesium, calcium, and try to eat as balanced a diet as possible with four young children. Thanks

  126. Dr. Gardiner,
    I am a 64 year old woman who, after giving birth to 9 children and being very healthy, developed fibromyalgia after the birth and emergency hysterectomy (much blood loss) of my last child at age 44. After reading your last article on hormones, it sounds like most or all of my symptoms are the same as absence of most of these hormones. I have been on low dose (green pill) Premarin for 21 years now. Could bioidentical hormones be the answer for fibromyalgia at my age? I have little or no depression, do not take antidepresants, and the best control of my symptoms has come from 5 mg. Prednisone daily.

  127. Dr. Gardiner,
    I am a 64 year old woman who, after giving birth to 9 children and being very healthy, developed fibromyalgia after the birth and emergency hysterectomy (much blood loss) of my last child at age 44. After reading your last article on hormones, it sounds like most or all of my symptoms are the same as absence of most of these hormones. I have been on low dose (green pill) Premarin for 21 years now. Could bioidentical hormones be the answer for fibromyalgia at my age? I have little or no depression, do not take antidepresants, and the best control of my symptoms has come from 5 mg. Prednisone daily. I also take 60 mg Armour Thyroid, 500 mg x2 Metformin for insulin resistance, 150 mg Avalide, 4 grams of Lovaza, and various supliments.

  128. Dr Gardner,
    I am 56 with fibromyalgia, CFIDS, 10 miscarriages, adrenal and immune system burnout, multiple chemical sensitivities, and recently diagnosed with leaky gut, food allergies, and candida plus many other infections.
    I am doing the NAET allergy treatments with new homeopathic formulas, but my gut is still painful, and wondered what you recommend for healing the gut. I have eaten whole organic foods for years, and no sugar. I have juiced raw organic veggies for years, but am only able to eat pureed cooked veggies and no raw fruit or veggies at this time. Aloe vera juice was recommended. What would you suggest?

  129. I am a male, age 62, with 15+ years of confirmed chronic fibromyalgia. After a major breakdown 10 years ago, which still leaves me disabled from things like going on a mission, I followed the guifenesen protocol and found a modest improvement but was left on a plateau after several years. I am now following the Paleo diet plus dietary supplements or what I call the Section 89 way of life. After 3 months I found a good but incomplete reduction in pain and an increase in energy. Questions: should I expect yet more improvement, how long might it take, and what else should I look at? Request: please give us your interpretation of Section 89 particularly the wheat part. Thank you for all you do.

  130. Dear Dr. Gardner,

    Sir, i’ve been suffering from my terrible migraine ? since i was in college, 1987, until now. I’m 39 years old already. I’ve been to all possible cure, all the neurologist in town, chiro, massage, acupuncture, infusion for muscle spasms that the dr. thought can ease my neck and back muscle spasms causing my migraine, avamigran, and all the pain relievers available, the most recent is celebrex 400 mg. Still, i’m suffering from this terrible headache sp. every time i have my period. I’m really desperate for possible cure to this terrible headache of mine. So i had researched everything i can until i’ve open your site, and read about this feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). I’m really desperate to try this herb dr. but i’m in the Philippines and i don’t know how and where to get this? Any help you could extend, re about my migraine, or about feverfew in the Philippines will be greatly appreciated.

    I know, my letter will be one of the million letters you are addressing but i’m just trying my luck if you could help me. It would mean a lot to me who just want to be relieved from this terrible headache pain every month.

    Thank you very much sir.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mrs. Jean Torento
    Brent International School Baguio, Philippines
    (c) 0905 279 4855
    (t) 063-74-442-3628 loc 128/142

  131. Dear Dr Gardner
    I’m 56. Two years ago I was diagonsed with a small inguinal hernia. Having seen countless “horror stories” all over the internet relating to hernia surgery, especially surgery using mesh, I was wondering if there was any alternative to an operation. I also suffer from a very extreme form of long-term, chronic depression/anxiety to the point where I am now largely dysfunctional. Therefore I simply cannot handle surgery, especially the good possibility of being left with permanent chronic groin pain (according to many recent trials & studies, up to 30% of hernia mesh surgery patients end up with this).

    So far the hernia is very small and painless. It only popped out once — that’s how I realised I had it. My regular doctors seem ok about “watchful waiting” and I’ve been advised to do mild Pilates exercises. While I know this won’t “cure” it, I’ve been told it may help keep the hernia at bay (?). I’m also seeing a Naturapathic physician and on her advice I’m taking supplements + Vitamin C to build up my body — this is also in preparation for having my 15 mercury amalgam fillings replaced.

    In your opinion, how can I best avoid hernia surgery? Or at least delay it long enough so that hopefully someday treatment methods may improve over the dangerous mesh surgery offered today? Any help you can possibly offer will be very, very deeply appreciated. With many thanks.

  132. April, A factor 5 leiden disorder means that your blood will clot too fast or more than a ‘normal’ person should. The fact that you have already had a clotting episode certainly means you should be very careful of anything that could accelerate clotting. The ‘fake’ hormones do cause vascular disease, which is why HRT from traditional medicine would not be a good idea. We told them for years it was harmful, but I am glad they did their multi-million dollar study to prove it to themselves. We also maintain that bio-identical hormones do not carry that risk–but we do not have the research to prove it conclusively. The pharmaceutical industry won’t fund it, so we’ll see if the NIH will fund it. I would take nattokinase (100-200 mg/day) as a natural protection against excessive clotting. Progesterone, for the most part, does the opposite of what estradiol does, so I would not be the least bit concerned about bio-identical progesterone at menopause. I doubt the phytoestrogens would increase clotting risk at all.

  133. Kathleen, I can’t imagine why a bilateral mastectomy would cause menopausal symptoms. I wouldn’t think the release of estrogen in the fat tissue of the breast would offer that much protection. I suspect you coincidentally went into menopause at that same time. That said, you do not have to suffer through these symptoms. Find a doctor familiar with bio-identical hormones and get started–I always start with progesterone, and use the estrogen (an estriol and estradiol combination) later if the progesterone is insufficient by itself. Do not take the ‘chemically-altered HRT’ of standard medicine with its side effects, although it, too, will probably help with these symptoms.

  134. Daisy, Even though your thyroid is regulated, you may still need a tiny bit more thyroid hormone, as I find that many patients are underdosed, even though the ‘tests’ show normal. Progesterone offers protection against breast cancer, and often is sufficient to control night sweats. You may also try the phytoestrogens–dong quai and black cohash and see if they help.

  135. Marie, You are doing a great job with a hectic lifestyle. The progesterone helped with the post-partum depression, so you know progesterone deficiency is at the core of the depression problems. Usually it is in the week before the period that the moodiness is the worst. Even if your progesterone levels were normal at that time, I would be inclined to place you on bio-identical progesterone for 11 days in the last 1/2 of your cycle, stopping it 1 or 2 days before you should start your period. This just supplements your own body’s supply in its natural cycle.

  136. Julie, The potential ’causes’ or the ‘triggers’ or ‘the straw that broke the camels back’ that permits the expression of fibromyalgia are many. Delivery, surgery, and blood loss may have been the ‘last straw’ that triggered it, perhaps in combination with entering menopause. Premarin is a chemically-altered form of estradiol, now shown to contribute to 3 female cancers and vascular disease. Low dose is lower than what was used in the studies, but there is no evidence yet that low dose premarin has reduced any of those risks. If you need hormones, then bio-identical progesterone and estrogens are the only way to go. Will it solve your fibromyalgia symptoms? Try it and see. There will be a several month’transition’ as you move into bio-identical hormones that you may not like, but hang in there.

  137. Julie, Hi, again. Armour thyroid is an excellent choice or thyroid medication. Metformin is safe for long-term use for insulin resistance, but see my article on diabetes for a more complete treatment course. Avalide is a diuretic for ‘blood pressure’. I look at blood pressure very differently than traditional medicine–see the chapter in Joel Kauffman’s book Malignant Medical Myths on hypertension. Lovaza is omega 3 fatty acids, the same that you can buy in the health food store for a fraction of the price. It amazes me that the pharmaceutical industry can make claims about omega 3 oils that the nutriceutical industry could not make. (There goes my soapbox again.) My experience with fibromyalgia is that IV Vitamin C, magnesium and B vitamins (a nutritional IV) is the single best treatment for fibromyalgia.

  138. Peggy, You have made some great choices for treatment. It is obvious that what you are doing is insufficient, and you need the whole effort of everything we do in alternative medicine to stop the progression and start the healing process. Aloe vera is a good idea; add probiotics 5-10 billion per day; candida will probably need to be treated with both nystatin and diflucan for months, and no fruit, sugar or yeast. The NAET will help with the chemical sensitivities. You may need natural steroids to give you adrenals a rest, and mushrooms, B-glucan, colostrum for immune support. Your gut may need IV treatments to let it heal and help get rid of unidentifiable organisms-both nutritional IVs and H2O2. It can get better.

  139. Matthew, You are doing the right things, and they are obviously working, just not as well as you would like. Because fibromyalgia has so many possible causes, they each need to be evaluated and addressed. You will need an alternative medicine physician to order tests outside the ‘box’, and do treatments that are also outside the ‘box’, like IV nutritionals, energy reprogramming with machines like BioMeridian and several others, getting rid of toxic metals (like mercury if your teeth have lots of ‘silver’ fillings), looking at chronic viruses (like Mycoplasmsa), and the list goes on. I would add CoQ10 at 200 mg per day, L-Carnitine at 1000 mg per day, and D-Ribose 5 gm 2 times per day to improve energy. “Wheat for man”–then why are so many people allergic to it, and are so sick upon eating it? I think (opinion only) that man has corrupted it, processed it, exposed us to it on a daily basis in an adulterated state, that we are reacting to that exposure, and not to the whole grain in its pure state. Then when we get exposed to the whole grain, we are already sensitive to parts of it and react to the whole of it.

  140. Jean, Feverfew should be available for sale on the internet (because I thought everything was available on the internet). If your migraine is monthly with your period, or before your period, you should try natural progesterone from 12 days before your period to 1-2 days before your period (for 11 days). It has helped many women whose migraine is monthly. If the migraine is during the period, which I find most unusual, perhaps you could even try it then. It’s safe. Did the chiropractor or massage therapist treat your TMJ, if you have it? Do you have a mouth full of mercury fillings, and chelation may be necessary to relieve the headache?

  141. Charles, If the doctors are satisfied with ‘watchful waiting’, then do so. I’ve tried several things trying to change an inguinal hernia, but it is an anatomical problem which needs surgical repair to get it fixed. Your deep depression will probably not get better until you get you mercury fillings removed. Your naturopath needs to get you on chelating agents, if you can’t get DMSA by prescription. I would also take selenium and N-Acetylcysteine to help prepare for the toxic metal removal.

  142. I have very high cholesterol (316). The doctor wants to put me on statins. Is there anything else I can do to lower this. I have a family history of heart disease and heart attacks. Thanks Jeri Smith

  143. I have fought migraines my whole life. I had some success in dealing with the pain when I was treated with foot zonology and craniosacral. Recently I went to a chiropractor. After x-rays and weight tests, he is confident that he can help me with the headaches. He has me doing some exercises at home, but says that to be fully effective, I must do more of the weight-bearing treatment and need to visit him several times a week. This is my first time visiting a chiropractor, and I would like to know if so many visits is usual (more than 60 to complete the treatment). My insurance does not cover the costs, so if there is a way to achieve results with fewer visits, I am very interested.

  144. Due to my sister’s breast cancer I have not taken any hormones during menopause. I have brain fog, loss of energy, weight gain in abdomen, dry skin, mood swings etc. Is it safe for me to take estrogen and progesterone to help all my symptoms? She had it 3 times and my mom twice. My body type is like my dad’s family and I have had no cysts like they did. I need something. I had a full hysterectomy so had surgical menopause at 45. I am 56 now. Sorry it is so long. I need your counsel.

  145. I was wondering if after a total Hys. that it might be prudent to take both the estradiol and progesterone. Based on your article in Meridian Mag., that was the conclusion I arrived at. I am always on estradiol, but wonder if I should start taking the progesterone. I agree that it might be more balanced. ps. I am in my 30s

  146. Pat, The symptoms you describe are certainly consistent with menopause, but the classic symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes are absent. If your symptoms are related to menopause, progesterone is safe and protective from cancer. If progesterone is not enough, then the addition of estrogen may be helpful, and there is no evidence that bio-identical hormone replacement have any of the increased cancer risk that traditional HRT has with ‘fake’ progestins and chemically-altered estrogens. Your symptoms may also be related to thyroid and adrenal problems, so they may also have to be looked at.

  147. Fritzie, I don’t understand the giving of estrogen without the protective effects of progesterone. I always start with progesterone, and add estrogen, if needed. Just be sure that it is all bio-identical.

  148. Helen, With the information given, it is difficult to get you started in a direction that is clear. I assume that the ‘estradiol’ is the chemically-altered ‘hormone’, and not bio-identical hormones. I always place women on progesterone because of its protective properties before prescribing estrogens. Night sweats is typically resolved easily and completely with appropriate use of bio-identical progesterone and estrogens, if needed.

  149. Marilyn, I doubt that hormone replacement will help with your degenerative joints. Look seriously at anything inflammatory that could be contributing–diet (especially sugar and processed food), toxic metals like mercury. Try natural anti-inflammatories like MSM and curcumin and also try glucosamine, which is the building-block of connective tissue.

  150. When cooking, what do you use instead of sugar? A lot of recipes call for sugar-bread, rolls, etc. What’s a good alternative? I know that applesauce can be used instead of oil, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Thanks, Leana

  151. My wife suffers from hot/cold flashes constantly and has done for over a year. She has quit asking the dr. about them but from time to time tries alternative (over the counter) medications. She recently subsided from what was called eczema which nearly drove her crazy and had it all over her body for over a year. It comes and goes now. I am encouraging her to go to an endocrinologist but …?

  152. I would like your opinion on attention deficit disorders in child and in adults, not necessarily with hyperactivity.

  153. Have you and your team heard of the recently launched Eat Right America Foundation?
    Initiated by Joel Fuhrman MD who has supervised my health for the past two decades. The object is partly to “Help change the Direction of Health Care” in this country by raising funds to carry out scientific trials showing nutrition is more effective in preventing and treating disease. Go to
    For further information, email:

  154. I have been reading about low dose naltrexone and wondering if you have any experience with this to share?
    I have diabetic nurapathy and it makes it hard to go for my daily walks with pain in my feet. I also have a sister with parkinsons and this treatment is said to prevent progression of this disease.
    I have been unable to find any reliable information.

  155. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I also have a genetic blood clotting disorder that was discovered after surgery for pulmonary edema, which my dr believes was caused by CMV. I have had a very serious bout with CMV for three years. I am on Coumadin and my Chiroprator/Naturopath has suggested I take D-ribose. Is there any conflict between Coumadin and D-ribose?

  156. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a Bakers Cyst behind my left knee. Now I am having the same feelings I had then before it burst. are there any natural ways to get rid of it.

  157. Leana, Fruit juice can be used as sugar substitutes. Stevia and xylitol work for sweetener, but don’t cook as well. In the upcoming course on freedom from sugar, I will be interviewing a lady with all the answers.

  158. William, I assume your wife’s hot flashes are part of menopause. These can be controlled with bio-identical progesterone, later adding estrogens if needed. These will be by prescription, although some people have had relief with phytoestrogens like dong quai and black cohash. Eczema may be multi-factorial, but try getting off all sugar and processed food, add omega 6 oils (borage oil, evening primrose oil) and selenium. Quercetin acts as an anti-histaminic.

  159. Dena, Attention deficit disorder has multiple possible causes–poor nutrition with sugar and processed food intake and B vitamin and essential oil deficiencies, boredom in school, neurotransmitter deficiency, toxic metals in the brain. Each of these needs to be addressed. Everybody gets better when they are treated. Very few of them truly need medication.

  160. Reg, Although I don’t know Dr. Fuhrman personally, his direction is right on. I’m always looking to coordinate and cooperate with like-minded individuals.

  161. Linda, We’ve used low-dose naltrexone in our office for several years. It is safe at those low doses. It seems to promise more than it delivers, but we use it in settings to boost the immune system–autoimmune disease and cancer. Our sense is that it helps a little. We have not used it for diabetic neuropathy or parkinsons.

  162. Gena, There is no conflict with D-ribose (which is a sugar, but also part of ATP and DNA and RNA) and coumadin, although I don’t like anybody on coumadin, as it puts calcium into blood vessels. We use nattokinase instead.

  163. Jim, I do not know the cause of a Baker’s Cyst behind the knee. The only thing that I might recommend would be acupuncture or other energy work, either to treat it, but more importantly it may prevent it from returning. Low levels of iodine have been associated with cysts, so you might try iodine for several months. The iodized salt is a poor source of iodine.

  164. Why are people put on coumadin if they have a-fib
    especially if it caused plaque
    build up and they have heart

  165. I have using whey protein as supplementation after workouts. However, I understand that it contains natural forms of MSG. Is this harmful?

  166. I was reading Linda’s comments and your rseponse about gall bladder treatment. I had my gall bladder removed at the age of 17 (due to to stones), before I was aware of alternate methods of healing. Do you have any general or dietary suggestions for those who no longer have gall bladders?

  167. Hello, and may this find You well~
    Tonight i just found this site-it is awesome; thanks to all of You who have written, and Thanks to You Dr. for Your time here….
    My most burning question right now is about my daughter’s Health. She has been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, a very debhilitating and painful bladder condition. She tried what i call the “mainstream medical route,” and has, only through her own trial and error, made any progress in this challenge. Could you please suggest anything that might help her? She has tried alkalizing powder, amongst other things, and it did not help. i think she may have tried pipsewa and it may have begun working, yet was told, due to becoming pregnant, not to use it.
    Thanks again for Your time~

  168. Hi Dr.,
    I just wondered if you could shed some light on yeast infections and thrush. My baby and I have had it twice in the last year. The first time, it took four months to get rid of. We eliminated so many things from our diet and washed everything, everyday. I am not looking forward to that again! Any advice?

    Also, I would like advice about Asthma. How do you treat a child with mild asthma, naturally, instead of with albuterol and pulmicort? Are there things that are making the asthma worse, that I could try to prevent or avoid? Is there anything in his diet that I could give him, that would help it be better?

    Thanks! I love your blog and all the advice you give! Thanks for making your knowledge accessible! We need more doctors like you!

  169. Sorry, I remembered I have another question. I have used stevia before. It’s okay in some things! ( I like the flavored liquid kind!) But, my mother-in-law said she had heard some research about stevia was that it caused mutations in the livers of rats. She claims that is why it has only been approved as a supplement in the U.S. instead of a sweetener. What is your take on that? What is the research you have found on it?

    I’ve never tried xylitol. Does it taste better than stevia? Do you use it as sparingly as stevia?

  170. I have fought migraines my whole life. I had some success in dealing with the pain when I was treated with foot zonology and craniosacral. Recently I went to a chiropractor. After x-rays and weight-bearing tests, he is confident that he can help me with the headaches. He has me doing some exercises at home, but says that to be fully effective, I must do more of the weight-bearing treatment and need to visit him several times a week. This is my first time visiting a chiropractor, and I would like to know if so many visits is usual (more than 60 to complete the treatment). My insurance does not cover the costs, so if there is a way to achieve results with fewer visits, I am very interested.

  171. Hello, Dr. Gardner, May this find You well~
    My daughter was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, a painful and debhilitating bladder condition. Western Medicine or allopathic Med. has not been helpful. Do You know of any thing she can do to lessen the pain and help her bladder heal? (she is now 7 months pregnant, so is unable to take much of anything…)
    Thank You for Your time~
    Many Blessings,

  172. Dr. Gardner,

    I have used sugarless gum as a great way to prevent cavities, and it has worked very well. However, the sweetener used in the gum may not be healthy. Can you recommend a healthy chewing gum (or another alternative to preventing cavities – especially when away from home)?

    I’m looking forward to learning all about “Sweet Freedom”.


  173. Mary Ann, Atrial fibrillation is a condition where part of the heart (atrium) is not pumping blood correctly into the ventricle, which sends the blood to the body. The atrium is ‘fibrillating’ so fast, some of the blood pools there, which can cause clot formation. Coumadin reduces the blood’s ability to clot, hence its use. Coumadin does put calcium into the blood vessel walls, but this is a little known fact. We use a product called nattokinase, an enzyme that interferes with the clotting, but in a safer way.

  174. Quin, MSG is harmful. There are protein supplements designed for athletes without this harmful substance–just find them.

  175. Catherine, Once the gall bladder is removed, there is nothing specific to compensate for it. The most important thing is to eat well, and be careful with fatty foods. Make sure your fat intake is of the highest quality and what you body needs. Flaxseed oil is an excellent choice.

  176. Kelly, I have had excellent success with Interstitial Cystitis. First of all, the diet must be good, avoiding the inflammatory substances like sugar, caffeine, aspartame, trans fatty acids. Because the basic problem is a sympathetic nervous system abnormality, that system needs to be healed. I had initial succuss with an energy art called Jin Shin Jyutsu, then later added a frequency generator with SNS frequencies to it and it worked faster and better. The Jin Shin Jyutsu can be done during the pregnancy, but you may need to wait on the frequency generator.

  177. Alena, The most important thing is to be on a good diet. This will improve the immune system, both for you and your baby if you are breast-feeding. Nystatin could be applied to the infected area, and would be safe enough for the baby, as it does not get absorbed into the body. Regarding asthma, be sure that child is not taking any inflammatory substances-sugar, caffeine, trans fatty acids, aspartame-since asthma is an inflammatory condition. He (she) should take plenty of magnesium, and should be on a potent multivitamin. Quercetin may also be helpful, as it stabilizes the mast cell membrane, which releases histamine. Histamine is part of the asthma inflammatory reaction. Stevia is safe, and may be used as a sweetener. Xylitol tastes much better, and you do not need to be sparing with either one of them.

  178. Heidi, Migraines have many possible causes, the most common are food allergies and cervical (neck) problems. If you are not getting good, clear relief from the chiropractor after 5-10 treatments, he may not be the best choice. If there is good relief, it may take more treatments to sustain the improvement. Do him with the craniosacral, and you find each treatment holds better. You may also want to try Feverfew, a natural vasodilator that many migraine sufferers have found helpful.

  179. Gary, Your question about sugarless gum will be addressed this week and sent to all those who signed up on the interest list for the Sweet Freedom from Sugar program.

  180. Dear Dr. Gardner,
    My husband has complained of being tired for the past 19 years. In resent years he has been diagnosed with extremely high triglycerides and cholesterol. He chose to not take the cholesterol medicine the doctor gave time. What is CoQ10 and where can I find a reliable distributor?

  181. do you have any nutritional or other suggestions for avoiding/ treating swine flu

  182. Becky, Twenty thousand people die in the U.S. every year from ‘flu’. The swine flu is just one of many subtypes of the flu virus. It seems to be more aggressive and deadly than some. People who are healthy will have the immune system capable of combating all the various types of ‘flu’. The things I recommend with any viral or bacterial illness is 1) increase vitamin C intake to 6-10 grams per day 2) a product called Nutricidal, which includes echinacea, citricidal, and artimesia. Sugar and processed food interfere with the immune system, so of course avoid them. Fear also reduces the immune system.

  183. Dr. Gardner,

    I have low total cholesterol (123), which I believe may be dangerous. Do you agree? How can I increase my cholesterol? Thank you.


  184. Dr. Gardner,

    A few months ago you suggested a liver/ gall bladder cleanse (lemon juice & olive oil). I just want to thank you because my digestive system is back to normal 🙂

    Recently, I have been having lower back pain in the kidney area (dull aching pain noticeable when I first wake each morning). I read that pain caused by kidney stones is usually sharp pain. Do you have any recommendations? I would be interested in doing a kidney cleanse if you can recommend one.

  185. Question for you: This comment comes from your post on Total Health Breakthrough on 7/21: This is what you said: Oils — especially the essential fatty acids (EFA). The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 oils in the skin is 1000 to 1, so your need for omega-6 oils is tremendous. Contrary to prevailing opinion, most people are deficient in omega-6 oils.

    What about all of the omega 6 fatty acids in the processed foods most people eat. Once Codex comes to town, we’ll be lucky if we ever get to eat any omega 3s at all.

    Can you comment on this? As a holistic nutrition student I’m being taught that we have way too many omega 6s in the diet.

  186. I have a friend who suffers from FIBROMYALGIA. Can he really be cured? and how?
    And I have tardive dystonia of the tongue; have you cured anybody with dystonias?
    I do not see the end of the tunnel. Please HELP. I live in Belgium.

  187. Dear Dr. Gardner,
    I need your suggestions about my thyroid problem. I have Hashimoto’s syndrome and have been taken T4 of 125 μgr for the last 10 years, but still have problems with depression, constipation, getting tired easily, and dry skin. Strangely, though I’m full of ideas and wish to do many things I never take action. Could you recommend me some natural remedies and something to boost my energy? Should I really avoid some foods like soy, corn, and wheat? Thank you

  188. What is the best alternative way of treating skin ashma or eczema because I tried a lot of medicines to my son but it didnt work, it always coming back.

    I am also a diabetic person and i want the best alternative medicine of treating it. presently, i am taking 1/2 doze of euglocon before meal and 1 tablet of glucopage after meal. And at night before meal, i will take again 1 tablet of euglocon and after meal one tablet of glucopage. Is this safe, because I am afraid that sooner or later it can cause side effects in my body. I used also steviana sugar sweetener, is this good. Thank you and i look forward for your outright response.

  189. I have had a tremendously bad year to date and have a few concerns, questions: I am on a compounded script for Hypothyroidism as well as coumadin for saddle pe in feb. I am expecting to be off coumadin next month but have experienced what my md is calling very mild ventricular ectopy and suptraventricular ectopy. I am taking a coenzymate b-12, but it has alot of niacin in it. The “misfiring” has subsided a great deal from where it was. Any suggestions on further supplements that will help this like hawthorne? that won’t effect coumadin? Thank you so much for your help.

  190. Hi Doc., i always experience some itching underneath one of my fingers and thereafter, in afew days my nail changes its original colour to darkish- green, changes it shape and the skin becomes sol light. what could be the cause of this infection, Doc.? it makes me unconfortable to expose my fingers freely in the public. thanks.

  191. Ray, I agree that a total cholesterol of 123 of ‘dangerous’, but I trust that if you are not on cholesterol-lowering medications, then this ‘low’ level is what your body has decided is best for you. I would not deliberately try to raise that level, and I don’t know how. If you are not overall healthy (eating poorly and not taking supplements), it may go up as you get more healthy.

  192. Gary, The best kidney cleanse is drinking lots of water-at least 8 cups per day. Perhaps your body is not doing well eliminating toxins, so some products that support the liver may help–milk thistle and alpha lipoic acid.

  193. Suzanne, It is clear that I need to clarify this whole omega 3 and 6 issue–which I am working on at the present time. The short version is that the testing we do in the office shows the vast majority of people deficient in omega 6 oils. When we correct this deficiency, many skin conditions get better. I don’t know where the generally accepted information that we have too many omega 6 oils in our body comes from–maybe, since you are a student, you could ask for sources that you could send on to me. I think the ‘bad press’ the omega 6 oils get has gone overboard.

  194. Lily, Hashimoto’s syndrome gets better or is resolved in patients in our office. That is, the antibodies to thyroid disappear, but this may take a year or more. This does not mean you will not have to take thyroid hormone. Let’s review some possible reasons why you still have ‘thyroid’ symptoms while on T4 (usually synthoid)-1) some people do better on Armour Thyroid 2) All the hormones work in concert, and if the adrenals, or female hormones, or growth hormone are not also working, it may be very difficult to feel good with just thyroid hormones 3) as you say, maybe food allergies or any number of other things (infections, toxins, poor nutrient)

  195. Tess, I just wrote an article on eczema in another on-line magazine. We will get it up on this site soon. The best treatment for diabetes is to decrease the carbohydrate intake to 60 to 100 grams per day. I have no problem with glucophage, but I don’t know what the ingredients of euglocon are, so I can’t comment on it. Stevia is a good sweetener, but add cinnamon also as a sweetener, which also helps diabetics.

  196. Dennise, The best treatments for any heart condition, including arrhythmias, are high doses of magnesium (700 to 1000 mg per day) and CoQ10 (200 to 400 mg per day). Hawthorne berry may or may not help with arrhythmias, but does help with blood pressure. Neither of these will effect coumadin.

  197. Pam, Best guess-some kind of fungal infection. Try tea tree oil directly on the fingers and nail. Other things to try would be-caprylic acid, Pau D’Arco. All these things would need to used long term-weeks or months-to decide if they are working or not. Usually people will also have gastrointestinal complaints like gas or bloating, so probiotics would also be important.

  198. In may my husband had knee replacement surgery, approximately 2-3 weeks before he noticed small ‘stones or sediment’ in his urine. While in the hospital it was noted as well, with no response from nursing/doctors. Now 2 months later it is still going on (didnt mention it) and they are fairly good sized. He is seeing his md and they are doing ct of his kidney/liver and some blood work. Can you direct me to what can be done within the scope of naturapathic medicine. Thanks

  199. Is there any problems with taking probiotics while on coumadin?

  200. Dear Doc
    I am a diabetic of more than thirty years. I am now on insulin. Recently I have had some rashes on my forearm and ankles and elbows. I used diprogenta and it has cleared for now. I am now experiencing itching on my both legs sometimes for prolenged periods. What can I do to eliminate this. What are the causes and the remedy.

  201. Hi Doctor Gardner. I recently have been treated for breast cancer. There are 2 medications that my MD is suggesting and personally I would like to see if there are natural things that I can do in place, however realizing that it may not be the time for that (if you have suggestions great!) I am looking for help with the meds he is suggesting. One is for EVISTA-says there are tests that suggest could help me from more issues with breast cancer, the other is TAMOXIFEN, and estrogen blocker? I realize you may need more info, but of the 2, if nothing natural can be used in place-which one would you suggest is the lesser of two evils? Thanks for the opportunity to ask.

  202. Diane, The easy one first-no problem with taking probiotics with coumadin. I don’t like coumadin because of the cranial bleeding risk, so I use nattokinase in most of those circumstances. Stones in the urine–try getting the lab to identify what the content is. Sometimes things can be done to reduce their formation. Drink lots of water. Let me know what the results of the content of the stones are.

  203. Ramsumair, Look very seriously at my report on diabetes, especially the diet and the bringing down of glucose by reducing carbs being ingested. The simplest and easiest thing to do about rashes, if you have not done it yet, is to take omega-6 oils. Most ‘healthy-conscious’ people are deficient in omega-6 oils, and there are thousands more omega-6 oils in the skin compared to omega-3 oils. Take a tablespoon per day of borage oil or evening primrose oil. See if the rash and itching improve after a few weeks. I recently posted a report on the website about eczema, that may have some good ideas for you also.

  204. Marianne, Tamoxifen is associated with an increase in cancer risk after using it. Evista interferes with bone metabolism, and is used to decrease risk of osteoporosis. A better way to build strong bones is to be sure you are taking a potent multi-vitamin with minerals, and add strontium and silicon which are missing in multis.

  205. thanks for the response. The dr’s are telling me that I need one of these 2 to help “prevent’ further cancer issues. Do you know anything about that? I really would like to go about this differently than I have but not sure where to start. Can you provide more on what they may be thinking of these drugs and what I can do in place or if what the lesser of the 2 evils would be, in your opinion.

  206. Marianne, Tamoxifen has been associated with a 47% decrease in breast cancer after a woman has had breast cancer, based on one large study in the US. The same study demonstrated a 150% increase in endometrial cancer and a significant increase in vascular disease (heart attacks, strokes). Two smaller studies done outside the US (which lacked the potential bias the US study had) showed no decrease in breast cancer with the use of Tamoxifen, but did verify the increase in endometrial cancer and vascular disease. I am opposed to the use of Tamoxifen after breast cancer.

  207. Hi Dr. Gardner. We got the results of the blood work/stone compilation and ct scan today. The stones are 50% uric (sp) acid and %50 Calcium oxylate. The ct scan showed nothing in the kidneys. The blood work was “good”. Uric acid levels were low he said. The problem is his bladder is full of stones. Md said really full. My husband is taking both lipitor and simvistatin. I am trying to get him to take the coq10 and hawthorne berry, he is considering. He determined that this started after they doubled his lipitor. So he went back down to the lower amt and said there is a decrease in the frequency and amount of stones coming out. Md said he didn’t think the meds had anything to do with it. Please if you can shed some light I would truly appreciate it.

  208. Diane, The potential side effects of statin medications are probably unlimited, since they interfere with energy production, and all cells need energy. Since there is no relationship between total cholesterol levels in the blood and heart disease, there is no reason to decrease the levels anyway, and that is the main reason people are put on these medications. If he does persist in taking any statin, he should definitely be on CoQ10.I couldn’t say for sure the statins are causing kidney stones, but I suspect they are contributory. Drinking lots of water is the best treatment for kidney stones.

  209. Dr. Gardner, I have a son who recently entered the hospital with a small p.e/beginnings of pneumonia. They have told us that they tested him for hughes syndrome. The course of treatment being coumadin for life. That doesn’t rest well with me so I wanted to see if you could provide me with information or something as to how we can treat this without the coumadin. I am thinking Natto and bromolein, but I am doing more research. Can you help?

  210. Hi Dr. Garder. Can you provide any information on bromolein (?) and it’s use in blood thinning vs natto? Natto helps with the fibrogen (stickyness of the blood) right? And the bromo would help with the thinning. Is that understanding correct and if so would it be safe to take both as a precautionary messure with some members of our family having clotting issues and factor v? Thanks for your response

  211. What diet plan will help heal ulcerative colitis and stomach ulcer and the associated reactive arthritis with increased inflammatory markers. How does one balance the Word of Wisdom with “eating meat sparingly” and “wheat for man and other grains” to Elaine Gottschall’s premise for the specific carbohydrate diet. Her diet is heavy in meats even pork, eggs, butter, almond flour, cheese, all the things I have been trying to steer clear of to “eat healthy.” We do eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, green drinks, brown rice, coconut, flaxseed. So many conflicting diets out there and doctors that say there is no cure for this condition. I came across your website during my exhaustive searching and would like your opinion. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  212. Have read some of your articles on energy medicine. What are your thoughts and feelings re CoRe and SCIO devices, especially as it relates to LDS beliefs.

  213. Corinne,
    Hughes syndrome, formerly called anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome, is felt to be an autoimmune disease. This antibody is attacking a certain type of phospholipid in the cell wall. The problem is this can potentially trigger blood clotting in both arteries and veins. Our approach has moderate success in reversing autoimmune diseases, but it is not easy. We would rather use Nattokinase as an anti-clotting substance, rather than coumadin, or even aspirin.

  214. Dennise, Factor V can have both a hemorrhagic form and a thrombotic (clot forming) form. Your question would refer to the clot forming type. Bromelain is an enzyme, and we use it and pancreatic enzymes to break down a clot that has already formed, or if there is a major bruise, it accelerates resolution of the bruise. I have not used it as a preventive for clot formation, although it sounds like a reasonable idea. Nattokinase interferes with the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin, one of many pieces of the clotting mechanism. We feel it is considerably safer than coumadin, and even prefer it over aspirin. Of course, as with any genetic challenge to the body, good diet, appropriate supplements and general health measures will lessen the impact of the abnormality on the body.

  215. Dr. Gardner I have been dealing with bronchitus for the last few years. I usually get it 2 times a year. I wonder if you can provide information as to what I can do to head it off or what the causes might be that I can correct. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  216. Dan, As you know, bronchitis is a term to describe any chronic cough that doesn’t have a runny nose (making it a cold), sinus drainage (making it sinusitis), or crackles heard with the stethoscope (making it pneumonia). It is usually caused by an infectious agent or allergies or toxic exposure (like cigarette smoke). If allergic, allergic substances need to be avoided or treated. I like NAET for treatment. If toxic, then avoidance, and NAET may help that also. If infectious, then your immune system is not healthy, and needs to be built up–eat the good foods, take the good supplements as a start. Vitamin C at 1000 mg per day every day, and 6000 to 10000 per day when ill is advised. Specifically, take vitamin D to get your levels above 50. Beta glucan, colostrum, mushrooms will build your natural killer cells. Antivirals include astragalus,citricidal, echinacea.

  217. Mrs. C., Ulcerative colitis is not a sentence of lifetime misery, and we have good success in our office. Once the body breakdown reaches that point, it often takes more than just diet to correct it, but what you are doing with ‘real’ food is the core treatment. If you are eating the good diet and taking basic supplements and not improving, you will need to find an alternative medicine practitioner who does IVs and other things to take you to the next step. Don’t give up.

  218. Terry, A SCIO is a device that is capable of interpreting dysfunctions in the body at the energy level. All healthy organs and all unhealthy organs give off different frequencies, and these can be interpreted by this machine. The device can also design frequencies that can counteract those negative frequencies, thus facilitating healing. I see no conflict with religious or spiritual principles. I am not familiar with CoRe, and couldn’t find information on the internet under that heading.

  219. What are your thoughts about child immunizations?

  220. there are many vitamin/ supplements on the market- how do we know which brands are actually what they profess to be -do you recommend a particular true product or company

  221. Where does one go to find reliable information sources for conspiracy theories

  222. I am just completing my first trimester of pregnancy. Do I absolutely need the H1N1 vaccine? Will it harm my child in any way?

  223. I get ‘visual migraines’ wherein I see fractured glass and cannot function for a while. Why? What to do about it?

  224. what is the best name brand vitamin to take for a person 60 plus years of age.

  225. What is your recommendation for having the shingles vaccination? My wife and I are healthy and in our 70’s. Thank you

  226. Dr Gardner,

    I have recently been increasing my daily intake of supplements, vitamins, minerals, omega oils, etc. and I now take a little handful of pills twice a day. My question for you is, is it safe to just take a handful of these various supplements once or twice a day, or should they be spread out more frequently? Is there evidence that some supplements taken together work better, and also are there supplements that should not be taken together?

    Thank you.

  227. How does one handle the issue of dirty-unclean toys in the ward nursery? The nursery leader says the children should develop their own immunity by building a tolerance toward germs in sharing toys!

  228. My daughter is pregnant and wants to take Vitamin D3. How much should she take and how much should she give her children? Thank you so much for your wonderful website and your daily health secrets. I have learned so much from you. Jeri Smith

  229. My daughter is pregnant and wants to know how much Vitamin D 3 she should take and how much she should give her children. Thank you for your wonderful website and your daily health secrets. I have learned so much from you. Thanks again Jeri Smith

  230. Why are pregnant women in the high risk category for contracting the H1N1 virus?

  231. Stacey, I support any parent who chooses not to vaccinate their children. For those that choose to vaccinate, I have a list of acceptable and not recommended-acceptable is: DT, HIB, measles, rubella. Not recommended: hepatitis B, chicken pox, ‘the new vaccines’. In between those two categories is the Pertussis (which often goes with the DT), polio, and mumps (that goes with the MMR.

  232. Becky, Your question is so common-and there are a lot of brands and different qualities. The health food stores tend to have higher quality brands than general stores. Physicians have access to pharmaceutical grade quality, and they don’t sell to customers, only big orders to physicians. The company I use is in that category.

  233. Ruth, The visual migraine is the pre-migraine aura that we think is due to the initial vasoconstriction, to be followed by the vasodilation and swelling causing the pain of the migraine. You need to avoid the triggers that may be causing it–foods, chemicals, stress, the list goes on. Some have tried the herb feverfew with good success. Energy work has helped most people.

  234. Karen, See Becky’s answer above. Just be sure that your multivitamin does not have iron in it.

  235. Donna, Most supplements should be taken with food, so they can be divided up into 2 or 3 doses. The water soluble vitamins would be best taken about 12 hours apart to maintain optimal levels. Some items are better absorbed when separated from other ones, but it becomes so complicated that most people could not find a way to do it. And better to take something at the wrong time, than not to take it at all.

  236. Sheldon, Shingles is a reoccurrence of the chicken pox virus that the body cannot get rid of. It may reappear as shingles in response to stress, when the immune system is down. The key is to stay healthy-eat the right foods, take the supplements, sleep well, think right. We use an FSM (frequency generator) machine, which has frequencies that resolve the symptoms very quickly, if it does occur.

  237. Jeri, The amount of vitamin D a person takes is dependent on their levels in their blood. Adults in Cleveland (northern US) need 1000 IU to 5000 IU to get their levels in the 50s range, especially in the winter.
    People in Arizona probably don’t need any extra vitamin, unless they use a lot of sunscreens. Children that spend time in the sun probably don’t need much vitamin D supplementation.

  238. Becky, ‘Conspiracy theories’ is an interesting term, and is partly defined by the person. Some people use the term to taint the facts and smear character. How do we find ‘facts’ about anything? 1. Rely on other credible people 2. Do your own research (time consuming) 3. Personally screen all information and choose what ‘feels’ right. Most of us just have to do the best we can do, and make the best decisions we can under the circumstances. Even choosing a president of the US is fraught with unknowns, even after intense research.

  239. Andrea, Julie, Nobody knows for sure why pregnant women are at higher risk for H1N1 flu-it’s just an observation. Two possible reasons: 1. The immune system is compromised during pregnancy, or else the fetus/child would be rejected as a foreign body. This may also reduce one’s ability to resist infection. 2. There are also more deaths from swine flu during pregnancy. Perhaps the pressure of the baby and the uterus on the lungs make pneumonia a more likely complication. The swine flu vaccine has thimerosal (mercury) in it. We know mercury crosses the placenta and crosses the almost non-existent blood-brain barrier of the child, placing him at increased risk of brain problems. (The RhoGam shots also have mercury in them, and there is a slightly higher risk of autism in the children of women who had those shots in pregnancy.)

  240. Dr. Gardner, my 30 yr old son recently had a PE, and of course has been put on coumadin. He is on an extremely high amount 15mg daily and his inr is 1.9. I am very concerned about this and would like your thoughts on starting him on a small dose of nattokinaise to see if we can lower the dosage of the coumadin. I would prefer him off but right now he isn’t willing to do that however he is open to trying to get the dosage down of the coumadin. Your thoughts are appreciated. I do believe he has a problem with ‘sticky blood syndrome’ I dont remember the actual name.
    thanks for your help.

  241. Corinne, I think coumadin places people at risk for bleeding-and if they have a head injury, it could be devastating. Nattokinase is what my office uses in its place. From a practical standpoint, we usually let them stay on coumadin for a few months, to satisfy standard medicine’s greatest time of concern. Of course, good diet (to reduce inflammatory triggers in the blood stream) is critical, taking antioxidants to reduce vascular inflammaion, are also important.

  242. Hello, i am trying to decide if it is okay to give my kids who are 4 and 6 yrs. old, astragalus in glycerin extract to help prevent the multiple colds they get and build immunity for flu season? My Herbal Medicine accupunturist gave it to me and said it is safe, aprox. 1/2 tsp. twice a day. Can’t find any research or articles on the matter for pediatrics.
    Can you give me your advice. I am a nurse, and i realize that it is simply advice that you are giving and nothing more.
    thank you, Kelsey

  243. I have been offered the seasonal flu vaccine and a pneumonia vaccine as I have just turned 65.
    I do not like vaccines and have decided not to have the flu vaccine.
    I was ill earlier this year (unusually for me) and my Doctor said I was on the verge of pneumonia but I still do not like the thought of vaccines.
    What do you think?

  244. Dr. Gardener, I had a total hysterectomy for pain 3 years ago I was 54 at the time. It turns out the pain was really adhesions on my bowels which were removed again 2 years ago. Is there anything I can do for adhesions. Surgery just makes them come back worse. having numbness down the leg to from time to time. Dr.s haven’t been able to help just suggest surgery. I have nerve damage, vulvodynia, can’t take any of the antidepressents, took St. Johns wort, too many side effects can’t take that either. Since I got off of it 2 months ago I keep having periods of nausea. I’ve had gall bladder tested, no problem, liver enzymes or okay. It started after the SJW, the docs just shrug their shoulders and say it can’t be related, but I know it is. I eat very healthy, take good vitamins. Not sure what to do? Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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